Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Wiggles effect

Suzanne is becoming a TV addict.... a Disney Playhouse addict. I noticed that the show she loves the most is The Wiggles. It's a kids show from Australia, with 4 not-so-young-men singing and dancing in solid colour tight shirts. A bit gayish, the shirts I mean, not the men.

I have no problems with the show but it is an issue when it's aired over Astro from 11pm - 11.30pm! Aiyak, dang late for kids. The other day, Mrs B blew her top with me coz I allowed Suzanne to watch such a late show. Sigh...

Lately, Suzanne's love for the Wiggles has crossed over to baby SueAnne. You can see her dancing, or rather trying to dance by waving her hands in the air and moving up and down on her knees. It's actually quite a joy to see them being happy and being kids but it's so dang late at night! KNN! *Opps, not family friendly, hehe.*

Putting on my thinking cap (not french cap, ok?), there must be a solution to all these. One that can appease Mrs B not getting mad at me, and two, the girls can still get their Wiggles fix. How?

And the solution that I came up with.....

It's a Big Boys Toy...........


A DVD recorder with 80GB of harddisk! Muahahahahar! Ingenious eh? Finally found a reason to buy this super expensive toy.....I mean "necessary AV equipment" fro the kids, ahem ahem.

Belacans says..."Wiggling for a new toy, muahahahar!"


Egghead said...

I agree with you that Astro is stupid enough not to notice that... however... there are other time slots for Wiggles... I think one is around 6pm-ish :)

bagger... got an excuse to get that toy... before you get it... don't let Mrs B read my comment :P

Mama22Beas said...

Aiyah...the girls are crazy about them too and yeah, 11 pm is a bit late BUT it is also a good uninterupted 20-minutes to spend alone with hubby *wink, wink*.
I really don't mind as Bea1 now gets used to it, can go to school in the morning and has a long nap in the afternoon.

zbjernak said...

mrs. b blew her top with you?
u mean top as in blouse/shirt?
she blew it off with you?

yes i think there are other slot leh for the prog....

so the toys....hmm wish u luck lah ok

Sham said...


watashi also have this same problem ne.
but watashine, observe uri cuti2 and mc days, wiggles do air much much earlier during the days... working hours.

Not many shown during weekend.

Watashi knows. watashi's kid controlled the remote.


Love my kids!:)

maria @ twinsmom said...

My solution for my girls' Wiggles fix is -- get my BIL (migrated to Australia) rented the wiggles DVD, adn copy send back to us, hehehe... so far with 9 collections, watch until the girls got "sien" liao.

Leez said...

i like the "Do The Monkey" song..

and i don't even have kids!! hahahahhaha ;)

dobbs said...

My son absolutely loves the Wiggles too but wakes me up before 6am to watch the show - yup thats the other time slot at the moment!


The other solution is P2P *ahem* ;)

Belacan said...

egghead: nebermind, excuse still valid. any other times us parents are still working ;)

mama22beas: hmmm, why didn't i think of that? hehehe

zbjernak: other times cannot watch lar, not back from work yet

sham: bwahahaha! my girls also controls the remote :P

maria: ahem, then i should get a dvd burner instead, yes? muahahahar!

leez: yes, you are ready for parenthood liao, hehehe

dobbs: 6am!!! hmmm.... ;)

simon said...

my kid also watches wiggles. except she calls them network readers. wow, recordable dvd... kewl, man!!!!