Monday, January 16, 2006

Up the hill

It just occurred to me that this blog has not been updated since last year! Wahlaueh! hehehe, just dramatising here, since I am quite a drama king. Don't believe me? Go ask Mrs B. :P

Year end's are never good for people in finance. Ambil annual leave? Forget it. Mrs B and I had been working late pre and post Christmas. How to make more babies? Worse, I have yet to teach SueAnne to say "I want Di Di" or "I want cheese" :P :D :P :D

Oops, wandering off again, hehe, usual lar. Me old liao, starting to be long winded.

I think it was in late 2003, when Suzanne was 3 years old, that we took her to Genting. She loved the indoor theme park. Mrs B thought that it would be nice to bring her up there again, so off we went. Booked a deluxe room at Genting Resorts. It had two queen sized beds, one for yours truly and the other for Mrs B and the kids. Hey, not my faulty ok? The girls wanna sleep with their mummy. I too wanted to sleep with mummy but then.... :P

Just before the trip, Mrs B bought a pink overcoat from Barbie for Suzanne. Soooo kiut! I am sure she was the envy of many fashion conscious MUM's during our trip :P

The lil' Princess waiting for her Prince Charming...

We practically walked the whole of the indoor theme park. I think I got more exercise that afternoon than the whole of 2004. We indulged Suzanne for all the rides that she wanted, since we took the day passes, but her favourites were the horse carousel and the "Paris" car ride.

The weather was foggy and cold... very cold as it was raining cats and dogs up there. So there were some worries for baby SueAnne but Mrs B had that all covered. She bought a nice kiut woollen sweater for baby SueAnne.

Saying "cheese" for Daddy, ahem ahem cough cough :P

It was a short trip. One night only, but we... the parents were soooo worn out that we needed another day to rest! Thank goodness for weekends ;)

Belacans says... "Enough of hills. Next trip will be sea and sand (again), muahahahar!"


Mama Bok said...

Wat a nice and wonderful trip.. Mr B..!! and beautiful children you have..!
I wished they have something like that here.. would love to bring Chloe.. there.. :)

Che-Cheh said...

Hehe Suzanne, The Barbie Princess. Nice post.

Egghead said...

you daughter liked the indoor one ah... my son loves the outdoor one pulak... I guess that's the difference between boy and girl huh? :)

Leez said...

One very charming family :)..

Mr B, i linked you to my site. Can ahh?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Fhweet! Miss Barbie looks so classy in that pose.

Belacan said...

mama_Bok: you sure you want something like this over there? hehehe

che-cheh: you can also be a Barbie princess mah. dun forget to send me you pic, hehehe ;)

egghead: ya, we boys are trill seekers, muahahahar!

leez: can, go ahead and link :)

lilian: so, which boy of yours you wanna marry off to me gal? hehehe :P

Papi said...

It's really a good place, everything indoor. But a bit pricey ler. And do avoid peak seasons. u'll end up queuing more than having fun.