Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Problem solving... The beginnings

It's really amazing how kids actually problem solve, of course, most of the time it pertains to food and toys. Take for example my one and a half year old baby girl, SueAnne.

Episode 1: The sinful food in the larder
Mrs B and I bought an Ikea bookshelf with doors and turned it into a food larder. The door knobs were at the top, about 4 feet high thus is unreachable to both Suzanne and SueAnne.

Lately, Mrs B found our little SueAnne going through the larder looking for "baby sinful" food such as fried ikan bilis, chicken floss, biscuits and a whole lot of stuff we kept in there. Initially, she thought one of us forgot to close the door but when it happened once too often, something must be wrong. It turned out that baby SueAnne was pulling a handwipe cloth that we hung on the door knob to open the larder's door! For convenience to Suzanne, I hung a handwipe cloth made by an orphanage on the door knob.

Episode 2: The drawer with shiny things
We place all our spoons, forks, butter knifes and chopsticks in the main drawer of a hutch. SueAnne has always wanted to play with the forks and spoons in the drawer but we never entertained her, which parent would?

A few weeks ago during dinner, she didn't want the spoon that I gave her so she climbed down from my lap (refer to this post). She then ran into the kitchen and carried out a small green stool. Yes, you guess right. She placed the stool outside the drawer, climbed and stood on it and then opened the drawer. Rummaged through the drawer she did but didn't find the spoon that she wanted. Mrs B tak boleh tahan and took her down from the stool. Man... SueAnne has strrrroooonnngggg lungs. :P

That's just two episodes. I'm sure more will come when she's two years old in 6 months time. Mrs B recently read from a Glen Dornan book that kids of 2 to 4 years of age are very eager and easily learn new things, especially maths and languages. Yes, maths! Although Mrs B and I are both accountants, we can never live without our calculators. Me doing mental sums? Forget it, hehehe.

Belacans says... "I wonder can SueAnne balance my books and make it more black? hmmm..."


Egghead said...

smart little SueAnne!
same goes for my kid... they are out-smarting us liao!!

Mama BoK said...

Kids are so smart.. these days..!

dobbs said...

Be warned - it's referred to as the "terrible twos"! ;)

Leez said...

wow... verry smart kids.

we really shouldn't underestimate the power of children's minds eh? :)

Belacan said...

egghead: that's why we must play more PS2. increase our assessment and movement skills. (hehehe, can ar?)

mama_bok: they got smart parents like you mar, hehehe

dobbs: yeah, i know. wondering whether i can make that into the "exciting twos"... fat chance hor, hehehe ;)

leez: true true, but many times, i am guilty of limiting their abilities by saying "kenot" and "no" ;)

dobbs said...

Well I'm sure it's going to be an exciting time for all of you from the looks of it - not to mention tiring! ;)
Nvm enjoy them to the fullest when they are young - kids grow up pretty fast you know!