Friday, December 30, 2005

When the Mrs works late

Last night, Mrs B had to work late. Like very very late. I think she came home only about 3.30am. No thanks to year end deadline... betul-betul DEADline!

So, there I was, the MAN himself. Having a home-alone dinner and looking after two very active kids plus washing the dishes later on. I was half expecting Mrs B to come home by 10.30pm so that she can breastfeed baby SueAnne but alas, it was not to be.

By 11pm, baby SueAnne was really sleepy, hungry and already showing her baby-grouchiness. She wanted to be carried ALL the time. The moment I put her down she will wail with outstretch arms until I pick her up again.

I then made her a bottle of powdered milk but she didn't want to take it. I was exasperated and lost on what to do next. On my arms is one really hungry and sleepy baby but she doesn't want her milk or sleep! I then put her down on a dining chair and that was when my 5yo Suzanne took the bottle from me and fed baby SueAnne!

I was naturally shocked and pleased and relieved at the same time. For one, at least baby is taking the milk and two, Suzanne is helping to feed baby. Seeing that baby is sucking vigorously away at the bottle, I took baby to lie down on the sofa bed and asked Suzanne to continue feeding her. Later, Suzanne told me that sometimes at the babysitter's place, Suzanne had to feed baby because SueAnne didn't want either auntie or uncle babysitter to feed her. Talk about a picky baby, and thank God for Suzanne for being a good sister to baby. :)

After that, I tried to get them to sleep. Suzanne slept almost immediately but for baby... very the susah one. Buai-buai in my arms with my sweet-macho-lullabies from 12am to 1.45am, then only tidur! I sensed that baby wanted to wait up for Mrs B because she wanted to stay near the bedroom window and no where else. I also tidur'd beside baby, still in my working clothes!

Tonight, Mrs B is working late again.... I think I need a PS2 soon. You say these two got "la-lang" or not? :P

Belacans says... "PS2! PS2! PS2!" :P


simon said...

hey, mr. B is back!

and i can only echo your very true words... "PS2! PS2!"

Jason said...

Mr. B has survived the ultimate "mother-not-at-home" survivor competition.

*claps claps claps*

Suzanne is very caring and clever. :D

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wow, this is like the man of the year! Sleep in working clothes. So kesian...

Inevitable said...

I sell u mine la .. limited silver colour one ... haha

S-Kay said...

Babies can sense alot of things. The small lil baby my mom's taking care of...somehow or rather, she can sense her mom outside the gate before the mother even rings the doorbell.

Suzanne is such a responsible sister. I can see that she's very well brought up by the both of you =)

Golf Addix said...

Bravo !!!
surviving the "mum not at home" is one surviving skill we men have to go thru in marriage life. I am a bit fortunate Mrs Jack GA is not working and baby alya is not that moody type...

fooDcrazEE said...

what a man. Mrs B can work at peace now she knows that, aint it ? Sueanne is a very lucky baby to have such a caring father and of course lovely Suezanne.

Blessed New YEar to the B Family

fishtail said...

The next time you feed the baby, add a drop (or two) of VSOP into the food. Guaranteed to make baby sleep like .. well, a baby!

miche said...

babies are like that, no mommy smell cannot sleep one.

Wishing You & Your family a Blessed New Year!

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

Lucia Lai said...

wow! good lah that suzanne knows and wants to, to feed her baby sister.

thank god suzanne is around when mrs b is not around. she can sort of be a 'substitute mother' for sueanne. :}

Chief said...

sometimes you work late, sometimes she works late....well, here's wishing you a less working late new year !

Willwolf said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! No need PS2 la. Collect dust only la. Where got time to play le? Hahaha

Mama22Beas said...

Respect lu Mr B...lucky baby baby Sueanne to have a big sister like Suezanne

zbjernak said...

of course got lah-lang ....

ps2 can play those dvd and music for baby to sleep
and those game will make sure daddy is entertain...
while baby sleep soundly...
and suzanne can partner with daddy in the chicken little game


Papi said...

haha...mati mati I thot u took your cloth off and offer nen-nen to SueAnne. hehehe..

Wah, che-cheh very caring wor. quick quick buy ps2 for her as reward.

sexymama said...

This is the time where the papa knows how important the mama and nen-nen is!

Wah, Suzanne's a really good sister-lah.Bravo!

Yuen Li said...

What does Mrs B do for a living again?

Leez said...

very good sisterla suzanne. you must be proud :)

first time visiting your blog. very nice. will hop by more often :)

Belacan said...

simon: tq tq! now, if only the home minister can give me an AP to import that home... :P

jason: yes she is. thank goodness she didn't take after me in that dept! :P

Lilian: biasa-lar, no maid or mother or MIL around. ;)

inevitable: *ahem* not on this channel *ahem ahem*

S-Kay: God's blessings. :)

Gold addix: hey, tq for commenting. to be honest, i don't wish for more "home alone" experiences, hehehe :P

foodcrazee: hehe, thanks mate. btw, went up to your territory without telling you, ok hor? ;)

fishtail: err, only whiskey at home. ahaiks! :P

Miche: i think for the next home alone, i will rub-off some of Mrs B's smell unto me, can work ar? hehehe

JoeC: tq. i hope yours was GREAT!

Lucia: ya ya, but then, suddenly realised that me lil'princess has grown up a lot, sniff sniff

Chief: thanks for the wishes, but working in KL, mana ada go home early one?

Willwolf: eh, then gimme your PS2 for free, can ar? muahahahar!

mama22beas: hey big mama! long time no see. ada baik kah?

zbjernak: i like the way you think bro. klang mali one sure bagus one :P

Papi: *dush* :P

Sexymama: hehe, always knew that, always. ;)

Yuen Li: hi encik bujang! mrs B is a finance mya olang, macam saya lor ;)

leez: tq tq. :)