Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Biological baby chair

I have committed the BIGGEST SIN in bringing up SueAnne. All mommies and daddies are gonna lecture me, nag nag nag, ketuk my head, say "why so stupid one", and etc etc etc. What have I done?

In short, let's just say that SueAnne's babychair is gathering cobwebs and dust. She managed to change that for a biological babychair - her daddy's thigh!

Yes, my baby is spoilt. She has never failed to perform her ritualistic dance near my chair whenever we sat down to have our meal. SueAnne will raise her two tiny arms in the air at me, do her legs shake shake dance, and sing a song of "eh eh eh em em em eh em eh em eh". But the killer move is when she looked into your eyes, with eyebrows and eyes squint just a little bit for effect, those clear black eyes with the dining table lamp reflected over them. Sigh... how to resist?

And when I put her on my lap, she wants to eat my food. Rice? Her favourite, but the No.1 on her list is tomato. If some salad leaves covered the tomato, she will diligently remove each leaf to reveal that small piece of tomato, pick it up with her tiny hands and stuffed into her mouth. When I asked, "Nice or not?", she will answer, "huh huh" with a smile.

Lately, she has started to pick up my food to feed me. Looks like to her I am the big baby. :P

And what is Mrs B saying to all this?
  • "Dadddyyyy! Look at the mess baby did on the table!"
  • "No baby... No!"
  • "Baby! Look at your hands? So dirty!"
  • "Baby naughty! Thar Thar!"
But the worse is when Mrs B gave me the silent answer, and the look on her eyes says...
  • "Bad daddy! You spoilt our baby girl. I am not talking to you today. Hmmpphh!"
Arising from that, I began to not care about baby SueAnne when she wanted to sit sit on daddy's lap, even if her dance is super nice. The result? She created a new dance, something like breakdancing. She will lay on the floor, do the higher pitch cry of "errrrmmmehhhh ehhhh errrrmmmmeeehhh", do the leg shaking motions while laying on her back, and then turn turn turn in circles on her back. So nice. Only daddy's can see such shows from their own kids.

Belacans says... "Man, I feel so priviledged" :P


simon said...

aw. don't feel bad. your daughter is too cute... that should justify spoiling her rite? :)

babe_kl said...

awww how sweet!!! these days my 3 yr old insisted to sit on my lap by giving excuse dat the chair is dirty!!! urrghhh.... no sweet look given ok, just shoved his backside onto my lap! hrrrmmpphhh

Egghead said...

yeah... my wife also keep saying that I spoil my son... is it so wrong ah??

JoeC said...

haha, smart kid, can attract attention to get attention.... like up ah? cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I like to sit on my daddy's lap til I entered my teen. So, Daddys, enjoy ur days while ur kids stil like it.


King's wife said...

looks like no one has ketuk your head yet. let me be the first...TOK!!

zbjernak said...

ah so cute....
yalah..very lucky and privilleged lah u


Chief said...

wah.....once in a while can-lah, not all the time.

dobbs said...

Let me be the second to ketuk your head. Ever heard of "regret but it's way too late to undo things"? Gotta be stronger than that! :P

Belacan said...

simon: me too soft, how to be daddy? hehe

babe_kl: hehe, can manja mummy, why not? smart boy you have there :P

egghead: cannot spoil too much lar, but once in a while can right? hehe

JoeC: kids are expert psychologists, they are more cunning than we give credit for. :P

Miickey: yay! ada supporter! :P

King's wife: ouch!

zbjernak: me thinks my kids only pass thru this stage once in their lifetime, so why not? hehe

chief: well, tat once in a while already everytime liao! bwahahaha!

dobbs: ouch! ouch!

S-Kay said...

At least she's normal. The lil baby my mom's taking care of..I gave her my toy bat to play with..she flip flip it awhile to check it out before she stuffed the whole bat nose into her mouth and tried to rip it off! Violent!!

YeePei said...

I used to sit on my daddy's lap also. And on my korkor's lap when daddy dun let me sit. Heh. :P