Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Bump Master

Baby SueAnne is now 18 months old. It seems like only a week ago when she learnt how to crawl on our bed. Sigh... how time flies.

Today, baby SueAnne can really run. Maybe she will be the first member of the clan to become a state or national runner, who knows? But right now, she pitter patters fairly quickly at home - sort of like a baby-run but over the Christmas weekend, baby SueAnne developed a new skill... climbing! Yikes! A parents nightmare.

Yup, she's quite a climber now. Gone were the days went she needs us to help her get up the sofa or chair. No longer. Now she can climb up the sofa, coffee table and even the dining chair unaided! Wahlaueh! And with this new found skills, both Mrs B and I are worried that she will fall off some table or chair.

So, let's take stock of baby SueAnne's progress the last few months:
  1. Stair master (crawling up and down the staircase)
  2. Baby elephant Walk master (learning to walk upright)
  3. Shopping Complex runaway master (can jalan very fast, don't want to be in the stroller whilst at shopping complexes... women!)
  4. and now, Bump Master!
Yah, she's a bump master alright. Last night alone, I think she hurt herself more than 10 times! Things like getting her finger caught in the drawer or shelf door, falling off the tricycle, falling off the footstools.... sigh. Thank goodness the falls were not serious.

However, SueAnne is quite a focused gal (aka hardheaded like her daddy) thus she will stop crying very quickly and then get back to climbing whatever she fancied. Adventureous hor? Something tells me baby SueAnne is preparing us for a baby boy.... :P

Belacans says... "time to baby proof the house further..." :P


fooDcrazEE said...

hahahaha! aint that part of the fun being parent. remembered i use to be scared seeing my lil sis doing that yrs ago.

Scared the hellof of us dont they ? but its cute

Ah Pek said...

Hahahaha!! bumpking.


May the baby boy come soon.

Lucia Lai said...

ah so now sueanne is at this stage - bumping and falling.

there's a saying that say a child must fall many times only then s/he can grow. haha.

happy bumping, knocking, exploring, falling... to sueanne (and headache for her mummy and daddy).

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wuah...the stirrings of the groins, eh? LOL!

zbjernak said...

and understand your worries...
my cousin used to have those "klcc, kl tower" bump almost every week...
coz she is super BUMP master... walk 10 steps fall one time... we were like crazy... trailing her around...

and happy new year to you...
and happy baby making too...

visithra said...

So who needs to say cheese at the belacan household? Hehehhe

have fun running around the toddler ;)

Belacan said...

foodcrazee: i prefer to let baby run around but sometimes, she does this crazy things! (just like daddy lar, oops!)

ahpek: hehehe, tarak lesen to import yet ler, hehehe

lucia: kakaka! should i say "thank you"? :P

Lilian: yup, always has been :P :D :P :D

zbjernak: kakaka, very tiring hor? :P

visithra: it's more like running AFTER toddler :P

Papi said...

hey, teach her to say "I want didi' lar. hehe..