Friday, August 12, 2005

My underwear got lobang

WARNING! Another inane posting. Your IQ will diminish by 4 points after this, heh!

This post is dedicated to Oliviasy, who claimed that her IQ only dimmed by 4 points instead of the 5 as claimed by my previous post. Since that's a 3rd party confirmation, then 4 points must be right lor. muahahahar!

I just realised two days ago that I have not bought any new underwear/briefs for the past 2 years. And I also just realised today that I am wearing one that was bought way back in 1997! Wahlaueh! If you want to know, I am wearing a Montagut sport slip brief today. Symbolically, that can mean that I am brushing my skin against a french flower. Woohoo! (darn, have been reading too much Hustler lately...)

Apart from that french flower, I also wear Depi bikini and Byford sports briefs. Sorry, I have not worn any Crocodile for a long long time. (click on the crocodile to see something funny, ahaks!)

Just last month, I threw away 2 old Byford briefs as the elasticity has gone cuckoo after so many cycles of washing machine and dryer. And last night, I went over my neatly stacked briefs and found that many of them has small lubangs already! boohoohoo... the lubangs will only get bigger with each wash and drying.

Sigh... that also means that I have to go brief shopping to replace my old stock. Shall I get a boxer? Sort of like letting my balls and blue bird hanging loose (can't say little bird, big bird or coconuts coz already trademarked to Jeff Ooi and KennySia, kekeke).

Or shall I go buy sports bikini briefs again? You know lar, many of the office slacks at Zara are quite low cut these days. I can't have my brief peaking out of the trousers, right? I have always been comfortable in bikini briefs, they are classic, sexy, confortable and best of all, they don't slip! Don't you hate it when you have to pull up your brief everytime after sitting down or running? so very the marfarn one.

Or shall I be naughty and buy one or two thongs? Just for the experience lar. Who knows? I might just enjoy the feel of less fabric covering my big sexy butt. bwahahahaha!

Or shall I just go au naturel? *wink wink* The CPA in me say "can save money wor!"

But for my dressing style, I think I definitely need to wear briefs. And you know why? Aha! Now I share this little secret. I need to wear briefs because I.......... (zheng zheng zhengggg)..... tuck in my dress shirts into my briefs to hold the shirt well! Yes, that's my little secret. It was something taught to us at the military college, to hold our uniforms in place and that habit has been with me since.

As this is a mega sale season, I think I will go buy myself a dozen briefs, a mixture of boxer and bikini briefs. And that thong? ehhh, see first lar.

Note: all brief pictures were taken off www.brieftales.com. For ladies who wanna see some nice butts and abs, go there!

Belacans says... "how about a cheetah print brief? hmmmm...."


boo_licious said...

Wow, today everyone has underwear on their minds. First Lilian with her bra mask and now you put all these sexy butts with thongs!

Go buy the thong. I am sure it will help you get more leng luis.

CrazyGrr| said...

Woah.. the mens "animal" string is about RM70 each. Wonder who will buy.. Hahaha!!

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

tuck in my dress shirts into my briefs to hold the shirt well!

Damn,ALL accountants do that! Kehkehkeh, they look like perverts, especially when they have socks on. Ooops...did I use 'they'?

Agreed with boo - I LOL when I saw both our postings PING-ed almost at the same time in PPS.

Wingz said...

belacan taikor : at 1st i thot u truning gay ledi (when i saw those pics in this entry) then i read read only i know u got spender fetish pobem LOL!!! hope you dont go around your neighbourhood stealing spenders!!!

I use spender Cap Pagoda and great wall!! good ventilation sial !!! my Bulubird wont sweat so much LOL!!!

Ah Pek said...

i one thing also never wear inside. like got air con like that.

Anonymous said...

are you sure the lobang is caused by the washing and not other thing??? hur hur hur :D

miche said...

eh...sorry, the above is me!

Mat Jan said...

wear boxers la woi! briefs are unconstitutional. briefs violate article 7 of Federal Constitution: Freedom of Movement.

cyber-red said...

Guys should not touch g-strings nor thongs... urghhh horrid horrid! hehe

marina said...

UUrrgghhhhh my eyesss!!!.. my eyess!!!!

shidah said...

"tuck in my dress shirts into my briefs"

have to buy slightly bigger briefs then?

zbjernak said...

5xmom-> heheheh "they" look like pervert? no lah...just alittle beng only lah
but then who knows if tuck in or not

weekdays go for bikini brief...weekends and night time...boxer or go commando loh

Lucia Lai said...

hmmm... must thank belacan for giving me an opportunity to oogle at men's butt and ab and er... oh cannot lah... hidden by the brief. :)

Aku Tak Reti said...

Geli aku tengok gambar yang mencengkam tu. Tak selesa sungguh.

Boxer la...

Imagine kalau office anda ditawan terrorist, lepas tu dia suruh bukak baju + seluar. Kalau boxer, nampak sopan sikit. Kena pakai waktu tu pakai animal string, opis mate anda sure akan memandang.

Kena ada pulak pengganas tu yang gay, sia-sia ajer kena donat.

Imaginasi tinggi...

Shan said...

Go with the G. Go with the G - just don't post any pix of you wearing it ok? Hehehe! I might faint cuz too sexy lah!

Papi said...

so the lubang lubang ones ended up as kain cuci kereta?? LOL!!

Belacan said...

boolicious: on 2nd thoughts, i don't think a thong will go with my beer belly. bwahahahaha! snort! snort!

crazygrrl: wtf! RM70? i think i go beli some ultraman stickers and iron them on. hmmm, may just work! kekekeke

Lilian: wah, we both think alike eh? but woi! not perverts lar, nerd maybe lar. hehehe

wingz: if sweat, then scratch lor. bwahahaha!

ahpek: like that make sure you don't go argentinian (botak)! if no bulu, then cuckoo may go harchoo! muahahahar!

miche: aha! 3 markah kepada peserta Miche. hehehe ;) ;)

matjan: got pros and cons lar. if bikini briefs, then can always 12 o'clock! bwahahaha!

reta: someone speaking from experience eh? quick tell tell! hehehe

marina: why? contacts steam liao izzit? hehehe ;)

shidah: no need ler, bikini also can as long as ada good elastic ;)

zbjernak: if go commando, be careful when zipping up... ouch! ;)

lucia: ahem, go click on the brieftales.com link. got expose expose one, muahahahar!

ATRCO: bwahahahaa! your imaginasi very the terror ler! bwahahahaha! *plonk! falls off chair*

Shan: hmmm, you G man ke? hehehe

Papi: aiyak, so small how to cuci kereta? unless kancil ler, bwahahaha!

hyphenated L said...

TMI!!!! *faint*

cyber-red said...

oi I've seen a guy wearing a G and sitting down and his whole crotch is showing okayy..

not a PRETTY sight to behold. Urgh urgh