Monday, July 04, 2005

Baby SueAnne's 1st birthday

Suzanne wishing her lil'sistah Happy Birthday!

Mrs B bought a packet of 4 party hats. Inside there was a Happy Bithday drawing which Suzanne immediately took and coloured it for her sistah. So sweet ;)

My 1st birthday cake is a cheese cake! yum yum! :)

I bought this freshly made 1/2kg cheese cake for RM23 at our neighbourhood bakery. There was another pretty cake with loads of strawberries on top but underneath it was a chiffon cake. Since we'll be getting a chiffon cake from Mrs B's parents, I decided not to get that but chose this cheese cake instead. No regrets... yum yum!

My first party hat! When are you guys gonna light the candle?

SueAnne seen her fidgeting in her "new" and heavily discounted babychair, trying to reach for the cake. And guess what? I missed snapping the "blowing out the candle" scene because the camera was lagging a bit. Arrrghhhh!

A contented and sleepy baby SueAnne in Mrs B's arms after her first birthday cake eating session.

Over the weekend, we had separate "celebrations" with Mrs B's family at Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant along Old Klang Road and later on Sunday, with my mom in Klang. My mom gave baby SueAnne a cute singing caterpillar on wheels with lighted antennaes, but the girls were slightly afraid of it because it was too "wormy". hahahahaha! I guess this nursery rhyme is true after all...
What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy-dogs' tails;
That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
and all that's nice;
That's what little girls are made of.
I think I need to update this nursery rhyme. Nowadays, girls can really cuss too! muahahahahar! Have a good Monday. ;)

Belacan says... "big boys are made of BMWs and hotbabes! muahahahar!"

p/s - tomorrow I shall be "out-of-city" visiting some field operations but will be back on Friday. To while your time away, why don't you go to Durex's Global Sex Survey 2005 and "do it for your country?" muahahahar!


zbjernak said...


sueanne with the hair-band so cute

nice cheese cake you have there....
celebrate kat mana in klang?

Che-Cheh said...

hey I'm from klang...

mystic said...

Happy belated bday suzanne!! She's soooo cute *pinch pinch check*

kiasi said...

Hey, she looks as cute as me when I was small:p

thquah said...

cute suzanne you have there. Happy Birthday cute one.

Bustaman said...

Awww..both of them are cute.

narrowband said...

aaHH!! comel nyerr!

Happy belated birthday to Suanne!

Jolene said...

Oooh!! baby jesse and suanne are of the same age. time to hop over to James' and get the two babies acquainted:)

Lucia Lai said...

glad to note that sueanne had a lovely time on her birthday party.

Anonymous said...

Hey .. MrB,
Both girls are so cute..!! I'm glad that Sueanne had a good birthday..!
Although she wouldn't remember her 1st birthday.. but all the photos.. will show her how much she is loved.. when she is alot older!

cyber-red said...

I had the same hair style as SuZanne when I was 8 onwards! Why so 'heng' wan ah? =)

Belacan said...

hahahaha! again, thanks everyone for the well-wishes. you guys rocks! :)

S-Kay said...

I was just wondering....suzanne looks more like her mommy while sueanne looks like her daddy is it?

Belacan said...

skay: yup :)

S-Kay said...

hehehehe...can see that in their features..they small one looks abit naughty and might turn out to be a tomboy weh =P

Gene Lim said...

aweeeeeee...swweeeeeeeeeet just so sweettttt :)
lovely pics..priceless eh!

miche said...

hi. first time drop in from chief blog.
i got 2 girls too! hehe
hey...how come never let ur baby ngap the cake by herself?
i did that when my first turned 1. she was standing infront of the cake.
by the time we finished singing the birthday song...we blew the candle for her...
then she opened her mouth big big and ammmmm the cake. priceless moment!