Friday, July 29, 2005

Project "Sure Lawa"

It is time my little girl has a room to call her own. With this post, I officially launch Project "Sure Lawa", where Belacans is going to paint Suzanne's room and also the master bedroom. Timeline to completion? err.... ahem, August manyak busy leh BUT that doesn't mean I can't start planing and buying the necessary, right? hehehe

Our bedrooms are nothing to shout about. Plain 30 year old parquet flooring and mattresses on the floor instead of beds (very good for rolling for one end to the other end! *cough cough*). I don't have pics of both rooms but their colour scheme looks something like the photo below.

Plain drab white, right? The previous owner had painted white all over the house, inside and outside! Fuiyouh! Sometimes I feel like in a hospital :D

Suzanne's room
Now, what kicked prompted this old Belacan to embark on this project? Yes, Suzanne can already move into her own room as it is. The paints still good, not peeling and still glossy. Well, Suzanne insisted that we first paint her room PINK! And just last weekend, late at night, she walked to all the walls downstairs and saying, "Daddy, here paint GREEN and..... this wall paint RED.... and here YELLOW! Please daddy..... please?". Looks like I am not the only person who wants some colour at home. Back to Suzanne's room colour, I have decided to have her bed wall painted soft pink while the rest will get a new coat of tan-ish white.

Last December, our kind neighbour gave us their steel frame bunker bed, with a desk underneath. Suzanne loved it and has already claimed that as her own. A priviledge of being the first born, hahaha! That bed is already in Suzanne's room. I have also changed the lights and installed a cute lady bug light but.... she didn't like the cute lady bug! She said "scared scared". Sigh... wasted all the effort. So Mrs B has taken upon herself to search for another cute cute light. I wonder what she will buy? A Hello Kitty, perhaps?
Our master bedroom
Hmmm, shall it be romantic? Or calming? Or warm? Need to work this out together with Mrs B. I remember reading somewhere, about colours and hues, something like:
  • Red, Orange, Yellow = Hot/active colours, helps to perk you up, gives energy
  • Blue, Green, Purple = Cool/passive colours, soothing, calming effect
  • White, Tan, Grey = Neutral colours
I think I will paint a feature wall with soft purple/lavender colour (romantic theme?) and the rest of the walls with tan colour paint. I think the pic below comes close to what I'm thinking of.

OK, let's wait and see. August is going to be an ultra busy month for me... deadlines here, meetings there, a board meeting scheduled this month, site visits and then... MERDEKA! Brings a whole new personal perception to our Independence Day, hehehe!

If anyone has good colour suggestions or nice links, do put them in my comments.

Belacans says.... "dear, cannot sleep leh, room colour too romantic wor..." :P


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Lilian too the ciplak fengshui master says...Paint the bedroom peachy for romantic love but Mr. B must not display any cock (ayam jantan la) or mou tan flowers in the bedroom. Otherwise, Mrs B will have a hard time taming the Buaya. Also no water feature in the bedroom like waterfall paintings because these are too yin, i.e. may dampen the spirit. No plants around also because this is chi is too strong and may cause interuppted sleep. *sheesh*

cyber-red said...

but.. but.. my whole house is also white woh?

though when I have my own house next time, I'd like to have a red room hehe

kiasi said...

What colour? Er... what about sky blue?

ARgh... nvm. I sucks in colours.

Lucia Lai said...

my fav. colours are black and white so i guess if i have my own room, it'll be black and white.

heh. such dull colours. but then i'm a dull person, so figures. ;)

seriously, soft pastel colours are always good for the bedroom. if you want romantic, i suggest very light pink!

MooPig said...

when i was young, i told my mom i wanted my room pink. it was pink! :)

Now I like magnolia and wall papers.

viewtru said...

Depends on the size of your room, dude. Small rooms don't take dark colours well. Normal rooms in terraced houses should be cream coloured. The light colour give the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. You don't want to feel claustrophobic.

Big BoK said...

I love yer color schemes..!! so envy leh..!! mine also all white for now.. !! feels a little plain at home too.

thquah said...

My master is painted apple green and the same for my kids rooms. All the 3 rooms upstairs apple green.(walls)Try the light/pastel colours, it's much better and safer.
The apple green looks ok not too bright or too dark.

SooHK said...

Very nice.... room layout...

narrowband said...

"dear, cannot sleep leh, room colour too romantic wor..."

switch of the lights, ma kenot see romantic colours liao loo~!

but then sometimes, it depends on the heart geh.... ;p

zbjernak said...

purpleish and tan white is great...
pastel light purple colour with the rice white also great...very light...not streesful...

strong colour very stress lah...regretted painting my room bright orange and pastel peach... yaya...i know....
but i like striking orange and red...
anyhow..regretted it..coz i always very tension in my room...cannot rest...

KY said...

oOo. looks nice. try STARWARS THEME ok? :P

Belacan said...

Lilian: *nods head* ic ic. tq aunty lilian "too".... *grinz*

reta: RED? erm... for love-making izzit? *wink wink*

kiasi: sky blue? tak mau ler, nanti always go to toilet! hehehe

lucia: you a dull person? noooooo... ;)

eileen: magnolia? hmmm, thanks for the idea :)

viewtru: true true (eh, it rhymes with you nick) ;)

bbok: i think bright yellow will look nice in winter, yes? hehehe

thquah: ya ya, apple green. it's one of the colours being considered. but i had apple green g4 at my mom's house. somehow it felt... old, after sometime ;)

soohk: eh, not my real room lar, internet punya ;)

narrowband: ahem... sometimes you need excuses leh *cough cough*

zbjernak: hehe, then go and re-paint again lor ;)

ky: phew, i thot you gonna say use WINDOWS theme! kekeke