Friday, July 01, 2005

1 July 2005

Today is baby SueAnne's 1st birthday! I am going to shoot off at 5.30pm sharp today and buy a 1/2kg birthday cake. Photo's to follow next week. ;)

And to fellow PPS members, Aizuddin Danian requests that we host the PPS logos ourselves instead of loading the image from PPS coz he's having bandwidth limitations. (read: Reducing PPS bandwidth utilisation)

Alternatively, Paul Tan has generously hosted the images for us all. Goto http://paultan.org/archives/2005/07/01/alternate-image-hosts-for-pps-buttons/ .

I use my free www.photobucket.com account for the PPS logo. You can open a free account too ;)

Belacan sings...
Happy birthday to you, You are belacan's girl,
Happy birthday to SueAnne, Daddy's gonna eat your cake. Muahahahahar!


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Happy one year old, SueAnne.

Mama22Beas said...

Happy b'day, SuaAnne;)

Papi said...

Happy Birthday, SueAnne!

Wah...one year old already... :)
u see, so fast ah.

momof2 said...

Happy Birthday, SueAnne!
Aww... so cute! Belacan, can cubit or not?

Jason said...

Happy Birthday, SueAnne. :)

CrazyGrr| said...

YiPPiE 1st BiRtHdaY SuAnne!! u r so cute lar.. but ur daddy so notty.. gonna eat ur cake.. keke!!

atiza said...

happy besday to sue anne..
what's dada buying for you? buaya plush toy again?

viewtru said...

The pics of the party not ready yet?

Lucia Lai said...

happy birthday to you. (2x)
happy birthday sueanne.
happy birthday to you.
*cubit sueanne's cheek*

hey belacan, remember to show us lots of pictures of sueanne at her birthday do ok. she's so cute i can't get enough of her.

kiasi said...

Happy Birthday, Sue Anne.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ..Sweetie..!

PS:- Papi leave some cake for MrsT ok.. ?? ;)

Gene Lim said...

Happy Birthday Sueanne!
Hey makesure dun let daddy eat all ur cake lor..hehehe ;)
Did daddy behave or not?

MooPig said...

Happy Birthday Baby Sueanne!

*muaxx and hugs*

Make sure you eat Daddy's birthday cake on his 70th birthday! ;)

Twinsmom said...

Happy Birthday Baby Sueanne!

nvm your daddy eat your cake now, when your daddy old tht time, tell him: "Sueanne going to eat your birthday cake now, anyway you no teeth lar." hehehe

shidah said...

Happy birthday SueAnne, don't start eating belacan too soon, eventhough u r coming from belacan blood line :)

mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday baby SueAnne. I can't wait to see your b'day pics! BTW Belachan. Thanks for the info on the PPS logo. I've promptly moved mine to flicker. Wouldn't want PPS to exceed bandwith now do we? ;-)

Belacan said...

dear all,
many thanks for the well-wishes. we had a nice 1st bday for SueAnne. nothing fancy, just a cheese birthday cake. yum yum! ;)