Monday, June 27, 2005

StairMaster Baby

This is just a short post.

Baby SueAnne is very adept at climbing the stairs now, much to the concern of her parents as our staircase is one of those wooden steps with spaces in between. We are so ever afraid that she will fall through the steps.

Whenever necessary, I will put up the Safety 1st Baby Gate. Funny, we never really had to use this gate for Suzanne but with SueAnne, wahlaueh.. she can really crawl! SueAnne will climb up and "reverse" down the stairs like it's some kind of amusement park. Of course, we only allow her to do that when we can follow her up and down the stairs.

I think we can now call her StairMaster Baby.

Belacan says... "work those bums, baby!"


Chief said...

good to have you back !

Twinsmom said...

*sweating*, baby crawl the stair case with space! now I wander how my BIL survive from his son crawling stage, their old house got same kind of stair case too.

viewtru said...

Go get that gate already. Better be safe than sorry.

Gene Lim said...

Yea..really need the gate eh.. Talking bout climbing stairs..jeeze Ryan did that too. and now he is the pro now..and they go very fast!

zbjernak said...

tht is why lah...never renovate your house with babies in mind

but babies really love stairs ro steps...
they love to climb up and down....

my nephew and niece...they climb up and down those sofa too


Belacan said...

chief: yo bro! ;)

twinsmom: must be anxious moments like us too ;)

viewtru: definitely. the gate is always on standby. we put it up when baby is not in the cot.

genelim: my friend once said that it's these anxious moments, and not the poo-ing, that he doesn't want to have another kid. hahaha!

zbjernak: wait ler bro, your turn will come. muahahahar!

momof2 said...

hahah... babies learn very fast. As my house doesn't have stairs, baby Jean had her first climb in a relative's house when we were attending his wedding in KL (just last weekend). She was cautious the 1st time, but after that my oh my... she was climbing like a pro! hehehe... of course under the watchful eyes of mama and papa!

Gene Lim said...

hahaha..yeaaaaa...Kit said that too! He doesn't want another one liao..hahaha..