Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Slimming ads for new mommies?

Short post again.

I read the newspapers pretty fast. I merely scan the headlines and move on. For the past few months, the ads that really caught my eyes are the slimming ads. What to do? I am bestowed with buaya eyes mar, hehehe.

For the past month I have seen many slimming ads for new mothers. Initially I didn't think much about them but recently I have been quite disturbed. I mean, why pressure the mummies to slim down? During the first 6 months, their focus should be on their newborns and breastfeeding them. If you are breastfeeding and going on a slimming course with diet lagi, common sense tells me that you may not have enough nutrients for your baby. Ok ok, granted that these mummies may feed their baby commercial baby milk formulas, but breastfeeding is still best for your baby. Not Belacan, but doctors say so.

Anyway, breastfeeding is a natural way to loose those preggy weight also mar (ahem, Mrs B is a prime example), so let nature take its course. If after breastfeeding, and your weight is on the unhealthy side, then diet and exercise lor. Slimming agencies should be a last resort. Think of the $$ you can save for the baby's education (or insurance) fund.

But then hor, I ask are we buaya's the root cause for this slimming pressure for new mommies? Did their hubby's force them to loose weight? Did their hubbies love them less for looking more kembang than before they got married? Personally, I was a bit concerned when Mrs B lost weight fairly quickly after giving birth to SueAnne. I thought she was dieting or something but it turned out to be from breastfeeding.

So my fellow buaya hubbies, if you wanna the wife of your youth to look fab again, and with increased bra cup size *cough cough*, do encourage your wifey to breastfeed the baby. You can facilitate by cleaning and sterilising the breastpump and baby bottles, and most of all, be an understanding buaya hubby.

Whoa! Times up, back to the grind.

Belacan says... "suck baby suck!"


narrowband said...

LOL man. Don't know about losing weight, but breastfeeding sure has its benefits. I heard hor, babies teeth also will grow whiter (esp when they're an adult - the teeth still remain very white!).

To lose weight, go exercise - it is the best method. Makan, jangan tak makan.. Makan so that got enough energy to go exercise!

Twinsmom said...

finally a husband speak up about this slimming ad :D.
yap, the slimming ad does make a lot mothers think that after gave birth still not slim down is a crime.

lc teh said...

It's a real commercial world now. And times are tough for those with 'thin ears'. CSChing was writing about the same problem with slimming for new mothers just yesterday in her column, 'Stories for My Mother' in the Star. For me I'd rather have my wifey a little on the plump side. But still I let it be known to her I prefer her in any way she's comfortable.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

This posting is going to www.mymomsbest.com and it's forum Hall of Fame.

I think Mr Belacan can testify very loudly now that he had been the thorn amongst many roses, all of whom are breastfeeding moms ya? *winks* Glad you enjoyed 'that' weekend.

Che-Cheh said...

I hate those ad, man! Those slimming center is popping out as fast as a lady can deliver a baby.

mystic said...

I read abt it too & seen my sis-in-law as a living example :) no wonder she's so slim

Mama22Beas said...

Thanks belacan for saying out loud!

momof2 said...

Thumbs up to you Belacan!

Gene Lim said...

Right on Mr B!!

mumsgather said...

"Lose 20kg in a week!" or some ludicrous claim like that. Scary isn't it? I wonder what they do to those women. (*shivers*) Can't be very good for health.

Belacan said...

narrowband: whiter teeth? wow, tak perlu darlie liao. cheers ;)

twinsmom: soon, a lot of mummies will look like hot-gucci-momma! muahahahhar! but then hor, next generation suffer lor :(

lcteh: thanks for the pointer. i went to read CSChing last nite. wow! good column.

Lilian: hall of fame? i think i can hera Mrs B laughing out loud ;)

che-cheh: good money mar. i salute their marketing guy/gal for targeting this new mummies market.

mystic: so your niece/nephew is doing a good job lar *grinz*

mama22beas, momof2, genelim: eeyer... i shy shy one leh ;) ;)

MG: i heard that they use "cold wrap treatment" to burn off those cellulites. brrrrrrr... sejuk!

hyphenated L said...

ooo.. belacan's own slimming ad with testimonial!! am soooo breastfeeding...

Anonymous said...

Hey.. MrB,
I really think that some woman get pressured by their hubs .. to slim down. I have g/fs who are like that. Even my own sister's hub say something slong those line.. "that he only married my sister because she is tall and slim." .. sometimes i feel like wanna sirpak my BIL. And i also know.. my sister donch eat just because she wants to maintain her weight. .and sexyness.. although she would never admit to it.
When i was having Chloe i too was afraid.. that i would put on alot of weight.. and cannot lose it.. and become one of those obsese looking woman i see around here.
Fortunately, i didn't put on much .. like some i know.. 20Kg or more.. and as soon as i had chloe.. i lost everything.. and went back to my normal weight.
My spouse played a very important part in my weight thing too. He NEVER said a word.. about my fat tummy.. and whenever i complain about my tummy... he would say.. " you just had a baby!! "
So there was no rush to lose any weight.. and i eat whatever i want.. and needed to eat.
So yes.. i think you are right.. about the hub or the tradtional in-laws in my opinion might be putting pressure on the poor new moms to go slimming center .. but of course the society and the culture we are in.. also plays a very important part in helping these slimming centers a very profitable business. So yes.. i'm glad that i wasn't put thru' any pressure to lose weight after having Chloe.
All new daddys should get a talking to from you .. MrB.

Anonymous said...

Oops.. that was me.. making the long story..MrB.