Friday, June 24, 2005

The shit has hit the fan!

For meaning, click Urban Dictionary/Shit Hit The Fan

Apologies to all, the Belacan man has to take a hiatus from blogging, hopefully a short one, as some nasty shit has hit the fan. I need to focus on cleaning up the shit.

During this constipated period, I do however hope to post little snippets, just to continue with the blogging fire. I also hope to complete my Awana Kijal Days (Part 1 to 3) posts before I forget about the whole vacation! ahaiks!

Thank You for the pics
And to everyone who blogged and posted pics of the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash, a big THANK YOU to you. I felt like I was there, soaking in all the "Oh, so you are XYZ eh?". Congratulations again to Project Petaling Street (PPS), Aizuddin Danian and the PPS Award winners of 2005:

- Simon - Neophyte Blog Of The Year Award
- Jeff Ooi - Ping Of The Year Award
- Kenny Sia - Blog Of The Year Award

hehehe, wished I was there to belanja Kenny Sia a glass of AK47 or better still, a Graveyard. ;)

Belacan says... "I'll be back! Muahahahar!".... brreeennngggg! and off he goes on a kapchai to a rescue mission...

Added after reading some comments:
eh guys, not that serious until kena stop blogging ler, so don't worry. I got belacan and cincaluk breath, sure can survive wan, huarhuarhuar *burrrrppp*! ;) Just got some truly sticky stuff that I need to focus on for upper echelons. If I don't get this right.... damn, the consequences are scary but still not enough to stop me from blogging. hehehe ;)

cheers and love ya all :)


Jojo Low said...

again ???????????????

Wingz said...

Taikor! I pray you clean all your shit fast fast wei!!! hope its not major shit tho ... hang in there!!!

*life is like this, hou larn diu one* *sigh*

Bustaman said...

I was hoping to meet you man. This is the 2nd time I was disappointed.
Good luck with the cleaning.

visithra said...

good luck and come back soon :)

SuNfLoWeR said...

happy cleaning ok. use dettol and clorox until smell like hospital :)

will wait for belacan comeback :)

mumsgather said...

Hope you clean up the shit fast man. Take care.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

You need to change fenghsui liao. Wanna free consultation. All the best!

shidah said...

aiya.... gua balik cuti, lu pulak kena cuci sh*t... clean up fast kay?

MunKit said...

good luck and kembalilah cepat cepat :)

cyber-red said...

faster come back!! eh i see Mun Kit here pulak =) now going to stalk his blog..

kiasi said...

faster come back. We need more belacan.

Munkit : Aiyah, Munkit, you also didn't come back.

the witch said...

i love the title of your blog :)

Belacan said...

momo jojo: hopefully not! hehehe

wingz: ya, sometimes very tu lan wan ;)

Pok Ku: ya , was really hoping to go to PPS' Bash, but then tight deadline ler :(

Visithra: thanks

Sunflower: hospital smell? uwek! ;)

MG: will do, thanks

Lilian: quick! courier to me some talisman! ;)

Shidah: hope so too. this shit is sticky! yuck...

MunKit: oi! you macam mana?

reta: munkit's blog all snow saje ler ;)

mr kiasi: hear hear! ;)

witch: wah, thank you. you may have just bewitched me ;)

Poulotte said...

wah...r u really the four legged scally reptile that walk on ur cold belly?

i just found out bout this site today...

i so so happy to read your blog again...