Thursday, May 12, 2005

Money man blues

Kawan: Waiseh, this time sure price go up for everything. Diesel price go up so much. Now Shell Unleaded cost the same as Shell V-Power summore. Me no more pump V Power now.

Belacan: V Power? I thot you drive itu powderful BMW diesel wan?

Kawan: Haiyar, wanna sell that car liao. Here no diesel, there no diesel, and then when got diesel gotta queue up with bus and lorry. Damn "kek see lang" wan. Now i drive back my old petrol audi A6. but that also very the "kek sim". my audi mechanic say price of audi spares gonna increase. shit man, already so expensive now increase summore! tiu!

Belacan: hehe, you lar, wanna drive branded cars. be like me, drive 8 year old wira. can save money leh. heck, no need risk your finger for that car too (referring to story of a guy's finger kena potong to steal his Merc).

Kawan: hmm, you are right in being safe. someone i know just got rob of his BMW 5 series. wahlaueh, kena kau kau! 7 fellas with parang corner him, get into his car and tumbuk him first. after he blue black liao, they drove to a bank and withdrew from his ATM. then strip him of his clothes - everything! left him in underwear only. shoe pun tarak. he felt so blardy humiliated!

Belacan: no shit?!? your friend lucky to be still alive. so now how?

Kawan: now? still haven't learnt his lesson yet. i hear he's been shopping around Naza and all those bumi AP car fellas. sigh.....

Belacan: shopping again eh? must be company car then. that's why he tak kisah. face more important than finger!


Belacan the Economist says... "Our GDP will improve with increased purchases of luxury goods"


james said...

See? That's why I don't drive a luxury car. Oh wait. I can't afford a luxury car. *sigh*

Cherry said...

My dad's client just got robbed off his brand new S Class - the one which costs more than half a million ringgit. They injected him with some substance which knocked him off after that drove him to a very ulu part of Batu Pahat. Left him at the trunk road (luckily still got clothes on) and drove off with his car and his wallet.
When he woke up, he hailed a cab back to JB town. Thank goodness he is safe but car gone lah.
Now..he is driving a Proton SAGA - not even a Wira or Waja but a SAGA. Not because he has no money to buy another S Class but because he is so damn freaked out by that incident. His driver drives the SAGA for him while he sits at the back seat...heheh

S-Kay said...

Naz's dad has a new merc at home but he said he won't drive it out until he retires...which will be end of this year. In the meantime, he's still driving his company's proton perdana V6. His mom pulak drives the car to giant only (safer than driving to stalls..just in case kena parang case)

That is why you see most ppl who owns luxury cars, they have at least one national car at home. Why? For them to drive out when they're driving alone.

About petrol, well...I can't believe they're increasing beef price and chicken prices because of it!!

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. MrB,
This has been going on in malaysia for a long, long time already leh..!
I remember .. many years ago.. when friends or my bosses wanna go JB.. i tell them .. if they driving their BMWs or Merc.. i'm not going.. hahahha!! Kaisi ma..!

akutakretickpomputeh said...

Jangankan Beemer + Merc, Proton + Perodua pun selalu kena curi.

Pakai Citroen.

Penyangak cakap:

"Ini kereta takde harga, selalu problem, siapa mau beli"

shidah said...

me= naik motor kapcai pegi kerja :)