Friday, May 13, 2005

Remote control and Barney

Our baby Sueanne is becoming more like a boy. Why? Because she's got this fixation with our TV and DVD remote control. And you know lar, the TV and DVD remote control is a MAN's domain. ;)

So there I go, flip on the TV and DVD and then place them remote controls on the coffee table. In a few moments, baby Sueanne will crawl slowly to the coffee table, *kreek chiiit kreek chiit* goes her legs screetching the tile floor. Upon reaching the coffee table, she will stand up on her feet and reach for the remote controls. Grabbing either one of the remote controls, she will treat them like yummylicious food and put them in her mouth and gnaw gnaw gnaw with her new sharp teeth.

Being the loving daddy i will take the remote away from her. Sueanne will then give me a bewildered stare, followed by frowning face, squinting eyes and an irritating "eerrrmmm wear eerrrmmm wear" until I give it back to her. These days, the remotes are either hidden or placed right in the middle of the coffee table where she can't reach them. Muahahahar!

One evening, as she was trying to grab the unreachable remote controls on the coffee table, I decided to distract her from her fixation with the remote controls. Between her and the remote controls, I placed a bright purple 6" Barney plush doll. Sueanne paused for a moment. Then she grabbed Barney by his leg and in one swift tennis back swing, flung poor Barney onto the floor. She looked at me and laughed "heh heh heh heh" showing her two lower front teeth. Honest!

I quickly took Barney up and placed in between her and the remote. Same thing happened. Grabbed by his legs, Barney was flung onto the floor followed by a mischievious laughter "heh heh heh heh". Goodness gracious! Sueanne is becoming more like her daddy!

I repeated that scene no less than 10 times, and Sueanne was really having loads of fun. When Mrs B came to the living area, I let her see our little girl's "Barney flinging scene". Soon, she forgot about the remote control.

I have only one regret. I didn't record that scene on my digicam! Arrgghhhh! Nevermind, will try to do that tonight... "huh huh huh" ;)

Belacan says... "Smile! You are on candid camera!"


mumsgather said...

Aiyoh! So cute..........! So cute.......!

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Cute story bro!

I miss your buaya69 tales alot. I still remember months ago reading about your trip to various malls and admiring the hot gucci mommas. I think 'hot-gucci-momma' is a damn cool term and when I mentioned this to some girls, they kinda loved it.

Sometimes I felt like I was reading a blog from some kindred soul when I read Buaya69.

Nevertheless, I think your new focus in your new blog rocks. It's like my other blog, My Dog, the Labrador.

I do hope somehow, somewhere and sometime later to see your Buaya69 blog resurrected again. I never did get to read the whole blog bro!

Cheers and Have a great weekend!!!

chrissy said...

wah!! so adorable leh!!! lemme try it with J, see he got fling his giraffe away or not.. hehehe. He seems to be fixated with the RC too. He prefers changing channels but chew occasionally too if he's bored with the TV program.

How old is Sueanne ar? My J dont crawl wor, how? He's almost 10mths old liao and got 4 teeth already. My poor handphone got his bite marks!

fishtail said...

I am also patiently waiting for the Return of the Buaya. One particular story that I found hilarious was inviting a girl home for a meal and cooking her maggi mee.

Shamira said...

So adorable. Dont worry, such memories will be in our heads forever

Che-Cheh said...

Hey I'm a girl and in my house I'm the remote control queen..wuahahha

james said...

Methinks your baby girl has the right idea about Barney. Hahhahah!

momof2 said...

RC is not only man's domain, I would say it's babies domain! My children like to play with all the controls in the house since young. And I bet my son knows the control's function more than my dad! Not only that, they are also into playing with my handphones. (heh! you won't be able to fool them with toy hanphones, they know it's not the real thing and will throw it away) Me think they're intrigued with all things with buttons.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Mr B,
My Chloe has been this way for the longest time..;)

shidah said...

soon enuff she'll learn to do the sidekick ...heheheh....:)

water_junk said...

barney! LOL
put ur laptop in middle see she throw backswing o not :x

MunKit said...

berry cute! :)

mystic said...

Tat's really cute leh! U should record it and put the video on your blog for our viewing mah...hehe

Gene Lim said...

yea...that moment is priceless eh.. happens to Ryan too (my 15months old son) remote control or anything..as soon as he gets it..everything will go into his mouth...heheheh ;)

Lucia Lai said...

quote "the TV and DVD remote control is a MAN's domain."

ahem! ahem! discrimination against women! gender equality! ;)

what? sueanne took the RC and try to eat it? i thought she interested in playing with the many buttons. usually kids like that one. like to play with stuffs that has lots of buttons to push lah, pull lah, turn lah.

btw, belacan, in case you do not jog to my blog, just to let you know you had been tag by me.
choose your occupation

Bustaman said...

After enduring Barney for so long, I am grateful to Suanne for whacking the Purple Pest. You Go Suanne!

suanie said...

yes pok ku. because barney is unnatural because his c*m is purple

Belacan said...

MG: ya lor, how to get angry when she can "heh heh heh" at you? ;)

hustler: ah, yes. that buaya69 blog sure was fun but sadly, something happened and had to kill off that blog. but once a buaya, always a buaya, right? muahahahahar!

chrissy: sueanne is 10 months now. and yes, she goes for mummy's expensive handphone but not my el-cheapo wan. this baby's got expensive taste! LOL!

atiza said...

You should make her wear long pants instead of *kreek chiiit kreek chiit*..Could double as a floor mop. i did that *guilty*.

Belacan said...

fishtail: the buaya will always be around. wait, one day i will ask him to be my "guest" blogger. hahahaha!

shamira: yeah, i hope so too provided i dun become nyanyuk before my time ;)

che-cheh: my goodness! stay away from my girls, you bad influencer! hahahaha!

james: hahaha! unfortunately, my elder girl Suzanne loves barney! arrrghhh! *pulls hair pulls hair*

momof2: how true how true! LOL! *blonks - falls off chair*

Belacan said...

MrsT: hehe, looks like it's a trans-continental phenomenon, eh? :)

shidah: sidekick? she's already doing that on the bed at night. eg. at 4am, Sueanne may give me a strong karate kick on the face while sleeping!

water_junk: laptop!?! i may be gila but not that giler lar ;)

munkit: woi munkit! welcome back!

Belacan said...

mystic: recorded already but no where to host the file ler. still haven't gotten around to getting my own domain yet ;)

gene lim: ya, and picky summore. teether tak mau, want handphone and remote control! arrrgh! why they have so expensive taste wan ar? ;)

lucia: hehe, so is PS2. it's a MAN's domain. hahaha! aiseh! kena tag ar? malas ler ;)

Pok ku: maybe i should buy a bigger Barney so that Sueanne can whack summore. hahaha!

Suanie: eh? how you know ar? ahaks! you don't say..... ;)

atiza: hahahahaha! *slaps forehead*