Thursday, May 26, 2005


What a long day... time to go home.

I am having a headache now. Had a headache yesterday evening too. Why ar? Something wrong with my head izzit?

To cure headache, I need
Wake up Mrs B, I will
Get laid tonight, I must
A happy man tomorrow, I be.


Important note: If you don't see me blogging tomorrow, go search the obituary section for Belacan.


graceshu said...



viewtru said...

People say, "Not tonight darling, I've got a headache!"
Not like you, who say "Give me some tonight darling, I've got a headache!"
Are you sure you are going in the right direction?

dizzyguy73 said...

Kicked off the bed by Mrs B, he will... hehehe

Lucia Lai said...

headache means your head ache. yes so that means something's wrong with your head. and you choose a good cure i see. ;)

Gene Lim said...

"choi choi" touch wood! hehehe... where can no blog from belacan eh.. :P

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hehehehehhee!! hahahahhaha!!! KELAKA..!! Mr B...!!!

Mango Tan said...

OK, now is the next day liao (past 12). Where to find your obituary ah?

shidah said...

same medication that my hubby took :)

atiza said...

hahaha...*double meaning laughter*

Belacan said...

Graceshu: definitely!

Viewtru: i'm of the opinion that "the ends justify the means" - muahahahar!

dizzyguy73: and laid on the floor i will. hehehe ;)

lucia: yup, a rush of blood is always good. hehehe ;)

genelim: you sure you want more written crap from me? fuiyouh! salute!

MrsT: did i strike a chord there? hehehe ;)

MangoTan: ahem... headache gone liao ;)

Shidah: wah, great minds think alike *ahaiks*

Atiza: email me your hubby's number. wanna give him some tips on how to relieve your work stress. muahahahahar!

SiaoChaBoa said...

Let just say.. you tickle my funny bone.. MrB..!! have a great weekend..!

mystic said...

Maybe its the weather that's giving u the headache or isit HBP? Better go get it checked.