Thursday, May 26, 2005

A day at Perdana Leadership

Dr M: Act now to kill graft culture

I was one of the participants yesterday at Perdana Leadership Foundation's discourse on Social Reengineering. Just want to share a few key points that I can recall made by the prominent speakers. I have checked and noticed that the following didn't get reported in the mainstream media today. As I didn't have a recorder, I can't quote them here but I believe their key points have been properly passed on below:

1) Tun Dr Mahathir on meritocracy entry at local universities - thinks that the implementors have found a way around the meritocracy system as the result wasn't what he expected it to be

2) Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam on Proton - we shouldn't be "subsidising" Proton for too long, as at then end of the day it is us paying the price

3) Tun Dr M on KLCC, Putrajaya and KLIA - these are just symbols to unite the people of all races and beliefs. we need something that all Malaysians can be proud of.

4) Tun Dr M on corruption - yes, he thinks it is rising and just below the "table surface" right now (re under-table and over-table analogy). Efforts must be done to control this

5) Tun Dr M on acquiring knowledge among Muslims - the Quran said "Read" and that means reading widely to acquire knowledge. Not just to solely study the Quran and dismiss all other knowledge

OK, I am no reporter but I don't think I have taken them out of context. I came away greatly impressed with Tun Dr M and Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam. And man, at 77 years old, Tan Sri Datuk Arshad Ayub is still so fit and clear thinking!

The Q&A was good too but I guess the award for the "Most Stupid Question" has to definitely go to a lecturer from UiTM. She was asking why the Malays can be tolerant of non-Malays speaking in broken BM but the Chinese cannot tolerate Malays speaking in broken Mandarin. Yup, most stupid question. The whole auditorium can see Tun Dr M looking down and smiling at this trivial question thrown to him. Replied he did but later during the panel session Datuk David Chua gave a long reply to that question. Yup, most stupid question. This lecturer definitely wasted our precious Q&A time with Tun Dr M with her trivial question. Maybe she followed our parliment sessions too closely and got the habit of throwing up ridiculous questions in austere halls and presence. hahahahahaha!

I stayed until the end for the group discussions and plenary session. I think the facilitator had a tough time reigning us youths during the group discussion. Tired, I am. The next discourse will be on Education. A hot topic, yes that will be.

Belacan says... "if you don't have a good question, don't waste our precious time."


SuNfLoWeR said...

most often we will have people in these categories.
1. people who have good question but keep quiet fearing others will think its stupid
2. people who have good question and voice it out
3. people who have silly question but keep quiet fearing others will think its stupid (good for them, it IS a stupid question)
4. people who have silly question AND voice it out (they should go get a blog instead. that way if people find the writing stupid, they won't have to finish reading or come back)


S-Kay said...

I can't believe she asked that. It's so silly I even feel like blogging about the topic of language soon. She really wasted it =P

dizzyguy73 said...

Alamak, uitm jatuh standard la.

Lucia Lai said...

if her questions is so silly, why did datuk david chua gave a lengthy reply? oh, the datuk is as silly as her.

mamat said...


Did you enjoy the discourse?

I'm afraid I can't be of any help on this matter. Dr. M has really pissed me LOADS!

Utter rubbish, when he talk about corruption. He's the most corrupted of the lot. BAPA KORUPSI Malaysia.

My tot on this

mamat said...

On the UiTM staff, pity her. She might have chosen the wrong forum to express herself.

Anyways, I'm not too sure about her argument? What prompted her to raise the matter at that function?


Belacan said...

sunflower: i agree with Michael Ooi. Stupid people should not be allowed to breed. muahahahar! gosh, i am so evil today. *grinz*

Skay: it just goes to show that she doesn't understand the chinese language AT ALL! there're 4 intonations in chinese and each brings a different meaning. unlike BM and english, chinese cannot be spoken in a "broken" manner.

dizzyguy73: ya lor. coz of 1 person, brought the whole ship down :(

lucia: i didn't blog about the manner she asked that question. all i can say was that it was quite inflammatory and i think that got Datuk David Chua's attention. Datuk explained about the 4 intonations in chinese language and he replied in excellent spoken Malay! fuiyouh!

Mamat: i understand your feelings. will go read your blog on this. thanks

Mamat: i think it must be something personal. she mentioned about going to the market and trying to converse in chinese but the pasar aunties say "ah? you cakap apa?" and she equated that with us chinese being not tolerant of Malays speaking in chinese. WTF?

mystic said...

Mr B: What exactly is social reengineering? Sound very chim leh