Friday, March 16, 2007

Suffer the student and parent

Kudos to the students who scored so many A's in their SPM and STPM. I am sure they worked hard for it. For those who didn't get that many or any A's at all, nothing is lost yet. Life is a journey and not a destination.

Looking back at my school days, I only managed to score 5 A's for my SPM and only 1 A in STPM. I was already jumping with joy at my "unbelievable" results, reason being I was extremely playful and lacked the tenacity to focus long before my "mata keranjang" go and do their thing, heh! Ya, was already a small alligator during my schooling days.

Suzanne is already in Primary 1, and as a parent, I am already feeling the pressure from other parents and close relatives to ensure that she does reasonably well in her coming April examination. Wahlaueh, this is Standard One we are talking about! During my Std 1 days, I was playing with guli, hiding in drains catching longkang fishes, and shooting rubber bands at the neighbourhood girls *cough*.

I wonder how Mrs B and I would be when Suzanne sits for her first public examination. Will we have sleepless nights worrying for her? Will we be like "I should have done this and that to help her?" or will we just sing "Hey sera sera, whatever will be, will be..".

I dunno, really, but I have a hunch it will be a bit of both. On one hand, we need to ensure that she has a sound education but on the other hand, we also know that public examination results does not guarantee anyone becoming a better human being or a successful person/leader. Those require more character building rather than academic achievements.

Having said that, I hope Suzanne and SueAnne will remember us as life-coaches parents and not as "you don't understand me" parents. It won't be easy but that's parenting. It's a life long occupation ;)

Belacans says... "Maybe PS2 games can help the girls to be more focused? I would! hehehe ;)"


dymas said...

Great to see another 'papa that blogs' ;) . A nice way of sharing how we do the 'papa' thing ya. Your post here reminds me of my childhood memories, which were not too different from yours. How different it is now, my daughters don't paly guli or the rubber band now but fight with 'papa' on the PS kah! kah! ..well.. not without supervision. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Gene Lim said...

I am u and Mrs B will do a great job as parents... :)
I totally agree with what u said abt ur gals remember u guys as life coaches.. that is very important :)

Anonymous said...

I've been pestering hubby to continue teaching Bea1 to read the Quran in the evening. Even Bea1 said she prefered papa over the teacher in school, but he would rather be glued to the idiot box...now thinking to invite Mr B to give him a little lecture pulak, boleh ke?


Ayah said...

Mr Belacan,

Now ppl got PS3, meh!

Belacan said...

dymas: the pleasure was mine. I got to learn "papa-ing" from you leh!

genelim: thanks for the confidence booster. will know whether we make good parents 50 years from now, heh!

mama22beas: i don't come cheap. i need 1 teh halia and 1 roti telur as payment, boleh kah? :P

ayah: i know i know! got wii summore! abuden, must strategise to get AP from home minister leh... :P