Friday, November 03, 2006

Mrs B on the Kids Goodnite Prayer

The following post is written by Mrs B, unabridged version :)

Suzanne has been praying by herself for the family for a good couple of months now. She didn’t have the confidence initially. I would off and on suggest that she pray and she surprised me one night by agreeing. By reciting every member of the immediate family and then her kong kong, po po, kau fu, kau mo, kau fu (younger one) and kau fu ke che che (GF) and the rest of both side’s extended family. Once she has gained confidence, she would insist on praying for the family after I have given thanks for the day. And she would recite in the same manner every night.

What do you want to pray for kong kong and po po about? I asked.

Huh? How about that they would love each other (and argue less!).

And she would add her own in time. That mar mar would not scold people and not scold “my sister”, after SueAnne kena kau kau from her granny. That daddy would drive carefully and come home early, after night after night of late nights.

It's kind of funny how kids would stick to a routine. I certainly am not steadfast in my prayer life but Suzanne would pray most nights except when she’s super tired. She’d remind me when I did not initiate prayer.

I hope that she will stay in God’s fold, not get disillusioned and be a candidate for the lost sheep that came home come teen years. You can’t be there all the time for your kids as a parent, but at least it would be a great comfort if she’s still in the fold.

As for SueAnne? She would wail out in protest for her nen nen way before we get to start praying and I could never really convince her to wait till we finish. She would stop suckling briefly to say amen after “In Jesus’ name we pray…” Of late, she would also chip in when her che che starts to pray. She would clasp her hands together while still latching securely to the breast and in between sucks would say, “pray for momi, dadi….suck, suck, suck. I would pester her, some more? … kong kong, po po, suck, suck suck…This kiddo, don’t want to lose out to her che che and also don’t lose out on her comfort.

Mrs B :)


Mama BoK said...

Children are really cute and innocent..eh..??

Anonymous said...

Sueanne is very cute..can't let go of her nen nen huh ;)
Great job Mrs B & mr B... have your kids start early with prayers is good!

mrs b said...

mamabok: yes, sometimes, most of the time they are at each other's throats fighting over everything...

gene: if i tell her "no more", she would raise her voice threateningly "NO MORE??!!!" like you dare to say no more?

gene said...

heheheh....queen of the house now huh? cute..very cute! :) dun u find them so cute as they learn how to talk now...very amazed by how they talk! LOVELY!

Neighbour said...

I think I saw your family having breakfast at the K*****n restoran at A**********a neighbourhood last Saturday.
Recognised the 2 girls from the blog and "Mrs Belacan" even called the elder girl Suzanne.

Was that y'all?

Wanted to say hello but shy lah.

mrs b said...

neighbour: hmmm... think we were at McD MV last sat. if you see a harried, mid age woman trying to feed two girls and herself at the same time, you probably got us. :)

lucia said...

wow! so young already praying like a pro. :)

it's good to start them early on prayers. the way a child pray is also telling on who she loves or cares for. it's good to note that suzanne prays a lot for po po, kong kong, mar mar and daddy.

mrs b said...

lucia: hehe, the other day she was praying for kau fu, che che, che che ke doggy .. after my bro's ex gf brought her two cute dogs over