Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sue Anne, the Fashionista (handbags)

Continuing on the fashionista saga from the previous post here.

Our little fashionista is an expert on handbags for small girls. She does a great job of modelling for bags in front of our full length mirror. Just like Tiger Woods daddy training him for golf, I think I will train her to become a handbag fashion model, and here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Don't throw away that paperbag!
Cute little paperbags, you know, those that you get from shopping expeditions, provide excellent training for little girls. Here, Sue Anne will be carrying that paper bag throughout the house and putting her selected toys that double up as handphones and dunno what else, walking around the house, swinging that paper bag back and forth. If you stop here midway during her stroll in the house (is she preparing for window shopping or what?), she will point to her paperbag and say "leng leng!". In toddler language, I think that means Louis Vuitton or nothing!

Step 2: Let her rummage your handbag!
Girls need to learn from adults. You know lar, we have eaten more salt and MSG and all that jazz, so kids have no choice but to learn from us. What better way to prepare them for a teenage handbag modeller career than letting them rummage your handbag.
Guys, if you do not know yet, ladies have handbags for different occassions. One (or ten, for that matter) for work lah, one (or three) for shopping expeditions, one (or two) for meeting long lost friends, one (yes, only one) for going to the wet market, one (or two) when visiting relatives, and so on and on. Never EVAR get in between a woman and her handbags. The repercussions are unspeakable. You will definitely be muted or worse, she will have constant headaches when you want to *ahem*....
In our case, Mrs B has a habit of leaving her handbags on a certain bench near the main door. Lil'Sue Anne will drag that handbag down to the floor, and then rummage through that handbag. She will take out, one by one, ALL the barang-barang in Mrs B's bag. In this way, we have inadvertedly thought her what and what not to put in a handbag.
Caution to daddys:
By the way, all daddy's should keep their wallets away from their daughters. I learnt it the hard way. One day, I caught lil'Sue Anne going through MY WALLET! Taking out every single piece of credit card, driving licence, receipts, and MONEY out of my wallet. But then, maybe it's good that they learn this skill from a young age. It's always better to take money from their boyfriend/hubby's wallet than daddy's, heh!

Another caution to daddys... never EVAR have a CONDOM in your wallet. It makes you extremely suspicious, muahahahahar!
Step 3: Allow them to bring their little hand/paper bags into the car
Whenever we are going out as a family, maybe to the neighbourhood shops or to the shopping complexes, do allow your girls to bring with them their own version of a handbag. It can be a paperbag or a really cute tiny handbag, small enough for the girls.

Both Suzanne and Sue Anne has this trait. As far as I know, Mrs B didn't teach them that but everytime we want to go out, our two girls will be looking for suitable handbags and putting in some paper, maybe a small colouring book and lotsa colour pencils or crayons. Well, this will sort of keep them busy in the car (never seen them getting car motion sickness, good huh?) and that's definitely a plus point. The negative point is when they FIGHT FOR THAT SAME COLOUR PENCIL! AAAARGGGHHHH! *pulls hair pulls hair!*

Belacans says... "women! :P"

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