Friday, June 23, 2006


The girls were playing with Mrs B on the bed. Lotsa girly giggles and laughter. Me? I was watching them from my side of the bed, laying on my stuffed tummy with a fluffy pillow in between my legs... ahhh, bliss.

I was about to doze off when suddenly, in a bout of huge girly laughter, my eldest girl, Suzanne threw her head back and slumping herself on the bed. Unfortunately, she was too near the wooden headboard and hit the back of her head against it! *Prack!* goes the sound, and boy, was it a frightening sound. I really thought she cracked her skull!

Instantly, from girly laughters came loud, painful cries of pain. Quickly, Mrs B embraced Suzanne and rubbed the back of her head, in a motherly attempt to ease the pain plus words of endearment "Sayang... sayang... pain pain woh... sayang...".

At this point, Baby SueAnne was standing beside Mrs B and watching the whole episode before her eyes. Suddenly, she walked towards the headboard and put her back against the wall. All of us were looking at baby and wondering what was she doing. Suddenly, I just knew and I said, "No baby, don't do it". Baby SueAnne looked at me, tilt her head in front a bit and then moved bck to hit the wall. We could clearly hear a small *thud*. And when I say small, I do mean small.

Immediately, baby SueAnne let out a fake cry *wail wail wail* and ran towards Mrs B's arms. All of us, including the still-in-pain Suzanne, laughed out loud! Aiyak, like this also can ah?

Looks like baby SueAnne also wants a piece of mama sayang, but to go *thud*? Hmm, how did I just know she would do that? OMG!!! :D

Belacans says... "I'm a born exhibitionist, hehehe"


dobbs said...

Wah so devious one your SueAnne! From observation of my nieces and nephews, I fancy girls tend to much more devious than the boys. :)

lucia said...

this is quite normal. i had heard it happening with other children before.

Gene Lim said...

that is soo sweet and smart..hey ..of course she wants what the sister have.. :) hehehehe

Leez said...

Oh wow.... she's a v v smart girl, isn't she???

IMMomsDaughter said...

That *prack* must have been quite a scare. I know I would have fainted if it happened to my kids, touch wood.

cyber-red said...

small sis will always follow big sis wan =)

Belacan said...

dobbs: izzit? then i better have a son next, heh!

lucia: hmmm, so girls learn to manipulate from an early age lar, I should have known, hehehe

genelim: sweet? I'm just afraid that she'll do something "bigger" to get our attention, kakaka!

leez: yup, looks like that. Streetwise is more like it, kakaka!

immd: yes, it was very loud. So afraid she cracked her skull or something like that. hope she does not become as dunggu as her dad, heh!

reta: hmmm, speaking from experience izzit? ;)

Sha said...

Aww she just wants the attention mummy was giving elder sis.. :P