Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SueAnne, the daredevil baby

SueAnne is really a daredevil baby. She's not afraid of heights, ants, darkness, willing to try any kinds of food and drinks.... aiyoh, if there's a Fear Factor for babies, SueAnne definitely would win, muahahahar! Recently, her daredevil stunts gave us a really big scare.

For those few bloggers who have visited my home, you would notice that the dining area and living room are split level, about 3 feet, and there's no barrier stopping anyone from falling over. (Don't blame me, the previous owner did it this way). To cushion unnecessary falls, we have placed an Ikea sofa next against the split level. This is indeed "heaven" to my kids because the love running up and down on that sofa to the dining area.

OK, let's come back to that little daredevil. SueAnne loves to just slide down the sofa back. Now, her's is not the gentle and slow get on your knees and then slide down. This daredevil will just walk to the edge split level and then just "plop" down on sofa.

The Scare
One night, after SueAnne did her regular stunt, she suddenly froze and let out a "i'm-in-pain" cry. Mrs B rushed to her and picked her up, trying to console her. We sensed that she must have hurt her back, or worse, her spinal cord. After a while, she cooled down and smiled mischievously like nothing happened. But once on her legs, she was extremely wobbly, could not stand or walk at all. Every few steps she would wobble or fall down to her knees. That got us very very worried.

We observed her for about 20 minutes and slowly she regained her composure. Still, we were very concerned so the next day, Mrs B took SueAnne to the doctor. The good doctor didn't find any swelling but advised if we are still concern, then we should send SueAnne to the Orthopaedic.

The Scare II
Two nights passed and SueAnne seems better but we noticed that she didn't run as fast as before. Then suddenly, as she was standing, she let out that "i'm-in-pain" cry again. Mrs B was seriously worried now as she tried to soothe SueAnne. On carrying her, Mrs B knew that SueAnne just poo'd but she does not normally cries. She was still crying even though Mrs B was carrying her.

Took her to the bathroom. SueAnne was really sobbing now. Mrs B took off the diaper and poured the hard stools into the toilet bowl. Almost immediately, SueAnne became quiet. I asked her, "No pain?" and she replied "No" by waving her hand.

Me: Darling, what do you think just happened?

Mrs B: Dunno lar, she seems ok now

Me: Must have been a hard shit poking into her bum bum

Mrs B: *peering into the toilet bowl* yah, and a sharp one too!

Me and Mrs B: bwahahahaha!

Mrs B: Baby, you gotta drink more water

Baby SueAnne: hehehe

On a serious note, Mrs B prayed that baby SueAnne would not be so gung-ho. ;)

Belacans says... "No more tossing baby SueAnne into air anymore, sigh...."


Egghead said...

can sense your concern... my son too dunno the meaning of walking... his idea of walking is running (like a drunk)... sigh!

if I had a nickle for everytime he fall down...

maria @ twinsmom said...

kid's stunt contribute a lot heart attack to the parents, can never get use to what they did, never.

The Snark said...

Dude, I got your SMS. This is a crisis. See me.

Belacan said...

snark: re sms, check reply at forum

egghead: i sometimes wonder whether we made our parents go cuckoo also :P

maria: and you have twins! wahlaueh, respect ;)

Palmdoc said...
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Palmdoc said...

(Sorry posted above comment using wrong blogger id) Better stop her from sliding down the sofa as she could slide right off and have a nasty fall.

dobbs said...

Sorry it happened again GRRRRR -- the above was a comment by me not doc!

Leez said...

I am now forced to imagine baby SueAnne's criminal poo.


Let's talk bout sth else. NOW! Hehehehe....

Belacan said...

dobbs: i almost did a "zomg!! palmdoc commented on my blog!! *kembang kembang*" hehehe

leez: sharp observation, nyuk ak ak :P