Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Empty nest feeling

I think I sort of know what an empty nest feeling is like. Mrs B is away on job and I had the kids left overnight at the babysitter because I have been working late nights.

Coming home to a dark and quiet house, without any kids screaming at each other fighting for that darn same toy, and no kids fighting for that Astro remote control with you... yah, too quiet.

Maybe I should get some of the guys over and have a few bottles of wine, beer and whiskey. That should liven up the place a bit... just a bit.

Belacans says... "No Wiggles! Woohoo!"


mama bok said...

Rare moment.. !! Mr B..!!
Have fun..!

Egghead said...

just name the time and place... I'm there! LOL!

Ah Pek said...

good time to eat some "chinese dim sum"

oliviasy said...

ooo.. aprty time for mrB huh :P

fooDcrazEE said...
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fooDcrazEE said...

errr......know how u feel.....but think of it as taking a hols lar..

IML said...

Don't you think this rare chance of peace and tranquility will calm your mind?

Belacan said...

mama_bok: i tried, really tried :P

egghead: you say one ah, next time i call you ;)

ahpek: bbuuuuurrrrppp!

oliviasy: the only rule is no throwing up in the house, hehehe

foodcrazee: yeah, watch TV until 3am! *me so boring...*

IMLS: nah, i need some whiskey for that, muahahahar!