Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Baileys in the bananas ROCKS!

Last night, I tried again my Banana Desert experiment. This time I did everything mostly right i.e. had the fire on small-medium, scooped and froze the ice-cream prior to serving, chopped the bananas before heating the sugar and etc etc, but there were still lessons to remember:
  1. Brown sugar is not suitable! They clumped up too easily. I will try with white sugar next.
  2. Rastali bananas, although ripen, have a tangy inner core. Or maybe mine weren't really ripe? Dunno ler, but definitely need to use FULLY ripen bananas. Need to ask them "pisang goreng" aunties what type of bananas they use.
  3. I didn't add butter, turns out OK also.
And the main revelation was BAILEYS! The moment I poured in the Baileys, there was a strong whiff of Baileys aroma coming up of the pan.... smells yummylicious! And the taste? Mrs B liked it. You can taste the Bailey's in them sweetened bananas, yummy!

Sorry, no pics again until I get this right. My ex-colleagues will be having a "welcome home and belated birthday bash" next week at one of the gang member's condo. Maybe I will dish this out for them, if I have the time lar.

Wait a minute... I just surfed to Baileys and found a whole lot of Baileys food recipes! Hehe, more experiments for Mrs B to sample?

Belacans says... "Slowly, I am turning into an alcoholic chef..."


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

That day I tried with cognac. Next I am going to try with Kahlua. I turn alchoholic, I blame it on the Belacans. Pengat pisang LOL.

cyber-red said...

can have alcohol party liao you all =P

Lucia Lai said...

lilian, if you use too much alcohol, and i take your pengat pisang it will become pengat pengsan for me. lol.

lucky mrs b. got hubby make food with bailesy for her.

maria said...

Ho...I still got half bottle of baileys in the carboard, quick quick go dig it out. this is the only liquor i can tahan (I mean the smell).

fooDcrazEE said...

Belacan, try melting butter first. then add the brown sugar. It wont lump on ya. then is better to add another flavour liquid first. suggest either orange juice or coffee. If orange, just let it simmer and add banana. dont mix mix mix. let it cook for abt 10 secs and turn. another 10 secs, pour in alcohol, tilt ur pan and let it flambe. it will remove most alcohol but retain the taste. for coffee, pour in coffee,let it simmer, add fresh milk, quick mix and the rest is similar to the orange one. If use orange, good to sauteed some orange zest before adding sugar.

Ah Pek said...

ooohhh.... bailey... i love bailey.

Poulotte said...

making me "lau nuar'. yum yum.

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Been away for a long while...Haven't been visiting any blogs lately but thought I'd drop by. Glad to see you are still going strong bro...


domesticgoddess said...

aiyak, no photos again... *disapointed*

Belacan said...

Lilian: next time we see Lilian's Pengat Pisang Mabuk selling like hot cakes in Penang?

Reta: wanna join? we won't declare umur wan, hehehe

Lucia: no ler, it should be lucky MR B to have wifey like Mrs B :) :) :)

Maria: quick, go make Baileys Brownies! yum yum! :D

Foodcrazee: siiffffuuuuuu! :P

AhPek: eh, Bailey and OhKau can mix ar? try try?

poulotte: hehe, i am sure your group of ladies can do better than me :P

Hustler: bro! lama tak jumpa. anytime bruder.

DG: yoda said "patience.... " :D