Monday, September 12, 2005

Belacans and his Banana Dessert Experiment

Tired of being the slave that cleans up after every meal and cooking (yes, I clean the dishes AND the cooking utensils), I have decided to move up the slave ladder! (someone, please tell me this is "duhh").

Yes! I am going to learn to cook fantastic dishes for the family, like how my dad oooh'd and ahhh'd all the relatives many many years ago with his superb blend of cantonese and western dishes. So last night....

B: OK, since you always say I dunno how to cook, I will make us a nice dessert tonight.

Mrs B: Wahhhh, this for real or not?

B: You wait lar. (actually, I have not cooked this dish before! gulp!)

Mrs B: *smile smile grin grin - cannot say anything liao* (actually, I think she's controlling from bursting into ROTFLOL!)

And so begins the "maestro of kitchen disaster" in action....
  1. Heats up the pan
  2. Dumps in brown sugar - melt melt melt
  3. Dumps in some butter - sizzle sizzle and stick to caramelised sugar
  4. Dumps in sliced bananas - stir stir stir to mix
  5. Pours in suitable amount of wine (actually I didn't want to open a wine bottle so I used Boone's instead)
  6. Pours out onto one side of the dinner plate
  7. Dollop ice cream on the middle of plate
  8. Place the banana skin (with some banana left inside at the end) on top of ice-cream like an octopus
  9. Serve to Mrs B.
Mrs B: wahhhhhh, so niceeeeee. And so tastyyyyy. Yum yum! *muacks*

B: *kembang kembang*

But actually hor, I made several mistakes in this little banana dessert show-off experiment:
  1. I should have chopped the bananas first before heating up the sugar. The sugar caramelised too fast!
  2. I should have chopped about 2 bananas for one serving
  3. the sequence should be sugar+bananas+butter+wine. Why? Coz if you added the butter before the bananas, the the butter will clump all the sugar together before it could mix with the bananas.
  4. I should have scooped and frozen the ice-cream before serving to prevent them from melting too soon.
Sorry, no photos as I was busy experimenting, hehe.

And where did I get the recipe from? From watching The Surreal Gourmet on Astro's Discovery Travels. So who says you don't learn from the idiot box? Muahahahahar!

Belacans says... "Now I know what to dish up for my Vakasi and Klang Crow gang members, muahahahahar!"


Wingz said...

ok this weekend we all heads to your houz with our setans then u can make it again and this time u gets to correct your mistakes too ! how ? set anot ? lol

Egghead said...

I wanna join too!
I just hope there are more stuff to eat than only deserts though :P

Mama22Beas said...

Ya ya...knew you got it from the box!

Jason said...

I am going to make this during my holidays, but my house dun have any wine ler. (WHat to do? Parents don't drink.)

Err, got any substitution like rice wine? tuak? DOM wine? White Wine?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wah..envy Mrs. B.

Maria said...

I know how Mrs.B's *smile smile grin grin - cannot say anything liao* that is exactly what we wifey do when hubby say they cook for us hahaha...
so when you cook something for Mrs.B from Jamie Oliver?

cyber-red said...

I need a man, to cook, cook, cook..
I need a man, to massage my feet now..


Belacan said...

wingz: wait - lar, let me learn dishes first!

egghead: hehehe, i just learnt how to crawl leh. :P

mama22beas: cooking shows rulez! :D

Jason: wahlaueh! pls read my disclaimer ok? hehehe. no wine? nevermind. i think DOM or even Beer can do, can experiment first lor. very easy to make, 10 mins cukup. good luck!

Lilian: nyak ak ak!

maria: i would if me gal do not monopolise astro for her playhouse disney! kekeke

reta: i heard chef wan is still available :D

Gene Lim said...

wahhhhhh Mr B, not bad huh! diam diam give u suspen huh?!
hey Mrs B, the kitchen was a mess rite after MrB cook? kekkeke ;)

Big BoK said...

Hehehe!! Mr B,
That's too cool..!! i love a man who can cook..! even dessert also jadi lah..!

Ah Pek said...

i don like banana. can use something else ah?

Belacan said...

genelim: harlo? as per my intro, i am the ONE that cleans up everytime, of course the place was clean ler, hehehe :P

bigbok: men love food, wine and women. what to do? hehehe

ahpek: for this recipe? hmmm, how about mango cubes? time for another experiment, woohoo! :P

domesticgoddess said...

aaahhhh dessert! a way to a woman's heart?!?!?! kekekekeke
next time you make this dessert again please snap a photo of your masterpeice for your readers please...

miche said...

my air liur meleleh already...that's without the pix!
must ask hubby to read your blog lar...harap harap he will cook for me. hehehe.