Thursday, August 25, 2005

I want, she want. How?

A few weeks ago:

B: dear, wahhhh... this auto magazine shootout says that the new Suzuki Swift is like a cheaper version of the BMW Mini! Cooolllll!

Mrs B: Swift? How much is it?

B: About Rm80k

Mrs B: Wah, with that money, I would prefer the VIOS.

B: *sulk sulk sulk*

A week thereafter, during dinner:

Mrs B: Hey, today I met up with my ex-collegue, Ms Dragon Breathe, and had lunch with her.

B: You mean you ate with that..... ?!?

Mrs B: She's not so bad lar. She's my kawan so treats me well lor.

B: Well... watch your back, hehehe

Mrs B: You so teruk one. Anyway, guess what new car she bought?

B: She? At the minimum must be a Merc SLK, nothing less.

Mrs B: No lar, you so bad one..... hehe, she bought a Swift!

B: Ooooo... ok.

Mrs B: That car is soooooo niceeeeee... :)

B: Yah, black is so in.

Mrs B: Can we afford one? *smile smile eyes big big*

B: Pay off the housing loan first, then we'll think of a new car.

Mrs B: *sulk sulk sulk*

And another week thereafter:

B: Wahlaueh, I just spent more than RM300 to service and fixed up the Wira! Sigh... the car already 8 years old, dunno whether need to overhaul engine or not.... maybe it's time to replace my Wira.

Mrs B: Ya lar, you may be right. Better to replace the car before more repair bills come.

B: But i don't want to spend so much on a car wor...

Mrs B: What's your budget?

B: You know me lar, as cheap as possible but still wanna a quality car that I can use for 7 years. Kelisa and Savvy around Rm40k, the MyVI around RM50k. The rest, tak mau tengok.

Mrs B: Ya lar, not many choices in that price range.

B: Hey, if you have RM90k, what car would you get?

Mrs B: I dunno leh, you?

B: Well, the VIOS and the Swift is in that price range. With a VIOS, I get that Toyota quality... but I kinda like the Swift. Since we already have a family car, I would choose the Swift. Sexy car.... before I grow too old for it! hehehe

Mrs B: Ya ya, the Swift would be great.

B: You think so too? Cool..... you can drive the Altis and i will drive this Suzuki.

* ahem -things get interesting henceforth*

Mrs B: What? No, you drive the Altis. I will take the Swift.

B: what? Cannot lar coz... * thinking*..... the Altis is better for you. Safer for you to take the baby and Suzanne to the baby sitter in the morning.

Mrs B: *thinking thinking* No lar, it's such a short distance! No impact at all. Suzuki Swift can do one. Anyway, who says that I will forever be the one sending the kids to the baby sitter, huh? huh? huh?

B: err... *thinking thinking thinking* .... no lar, I need the Swift since it's replacement for the Wira....

Mrs B: *think think think think* No lar, the Suzuki Swift doesn't suit you. It's such a compact car, better for ladies like me. And the Altis is so much more corporate looking for you. No lar, the Suzuki Swift is just not suitable for you, hehehe

B: Ehh, no lar, I drive the Swift. *wink*

Mrs B: No lar, me better. *wink wink*

B: No lar, I take the Swift lar! *squink squink*

Mrs B: eeyeerrr.. I drive the Swift lar! *manja manja*

B: Sigh... talk what talk? No money lar, cannot buy!

Mrs B: What?!? *cubit cubit cubit*

B: Ouch ouch ouch!

Belacan says... "Both also want, how?" ;) ;) ;)


twinsmom said...

every month odd number you drive, even number Mrs. B drive. or play "one-two-jus", then both of you have to practise "one-two-jus" behide each other hahaha...

Papi said...

How? Just do it! ;)

easy lar, every morning u asked lar "switft or sex?" LOL!
I saw the blue one, damn nice wor.

Anonymous said...

think about kids who have no food, think about kids who have no shoes...ever think about them?

saRah said...

hoho. lucu larr you. eh, did you hear the vios for married couples joke before?

visithra said...

lol so funny

but mrs b is right its more of a ladies carla!

MahaguruSia said...

Great car! Excellent handling and there is a hidden little beast under the hood! I had the pleasure to test a unit direct from Japan! Waloi wei, 8 airbags, electronic control buttons and A1 sound system! It would have cost me another 10k for the Japan CBU. {biting teeth} Arghh. Itchy!!!

Egghead said...

Swift is getting popular nowadays. one of my friend got hired by suzuki, she say swift's specs are better than Jazz wor, but inside is smaller.

To see who get to drive, easy lah.
Whoever who wants to drive the children to babysitter (and maybe take our the garbage and wash the toilet) gets to take the new car (be it swift or not) :P

cccp said...

haha 'manja and cubit'.. cute. don't think anymore! just do it! decide later who gets to drive, or take turns. no problem cannot be solved.

Lucia Lai said...

one two som to see who will drive. :)

btw, do you or mrs b like atos?

Inevitable said...

You two 'me sai chang', I drive ... hehe

Gene Lim said...

ai yo...take turns lorrr.... and pray hard win lottery then both also buy one for each other ;)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. B, will surely win this round. heheheh.

zbjernak said...

aiyah.....mrs b is right...swift not good for u lah...

for family outing or for both of u go pak tor swift will be great

u drive swift go your office no OOMMMPHHH lah... hehehehehe

miche said...

the car looks girly lar...more for the ladies.
but then ah...why spend so much for such a small car.
use the money to invest in buying another house/apt kah...

Ah Pek said...

you two somemore small ah? one car also wan to fight. put it back into the cupboard! both also cannot play!

Twinsmom said...

I told Twinsdad about this, he said just get the car first, everything talk later...on the bed...hahaha...

Belacan said...

twinsmom: sure or not? cars are quite territorial one leh, hehehe ;)

papi: ya, blue swift. drooolz... ;)

sarah: VIOS joke? never. quick, go blog it for us. ;)

visithra: no lar, it's a car for old ahbengs like me, hehehehe ;)

mahagurusia: aiyak! you just made me more itchy! arrghh!

egghead: nice idea, but you think hubbies can ever escape from taking out the garbage meh? ;) ;)

cccp: buy first, argue later, bwahahaha!

lucia: Atos is quite cheap for a town car, but if need to travel long distances like us, not so good lor.

inevitable: *dush*!

genelim: sure can settle wan, but if not argue mana ada fun? hehehe

anon: wah, you komplot with Mrs B izzit? :D

zbjernak: wah, my klang mali kawan also on Mrs B's side ar? woi! kaki lang leh! :D

miche: need to replace old 8 yo Wira ler. i need a car that can last at least 7 years and sell only at 10 yo. i can't have something that can endanger my family too ;)

ahpek: uwaahhh!

twinsmom: hah! tis i like :D :D :D

Willwolf said...

Taikoh, this round you mungkin lose to Mrs B le. If she manja and cubit u summore, u sure crumble to her demand wan. Good luck to u lor. Hahaha.

Chief said...

Can buy 2 Savy !

Yuen Li said...

Wow... Buaya holds the purse strings and has final say on purchasing decision... Who da man? ;)

Dangerous Variable said...

I got a friend who bought a mini cooper, his wife saw and wanted. He can't use. Then one month later, he bought another mini cooper.

If both want to drive swift, buy two ler... what's the fuss?!

Wingz said...

hahaha who buy who buy ? cheebuy la !!!

Belacan said...

willwolf: eh, you speak from experience izzit? hehehe

chief: savvy? err... err... pass! :D

yuenli: ahem, Mrs B also earn her own RM ler. ;)

DV: aiyah, mana got so much extra money? roof over the head still bank punya. :(

wingz: ok ok, go ask chee here, bwahaha!

Big BoK said...

Buy first.. and then negotiate later.. Mr B.. hahhahh!!

Big BoK said...

Buy first.. and then negotiate later.. Mr B.. hahhahh!!

sexymama said...

Buy 2 lah!