Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ending my depression

Ending my depression
by belacans.blogspot.com

Emotions repressed
Just waiting for a trigger
Dare anyone point a finger?

No hope
Might as well end all with a rope
Pulled from all sides
I wished my eyes give no sight

Dressed smartly in a tie
But the heart's all corrupted with gray dye
Like a ship tossed unto jagged rock
My soul can find no restful dock

Hanging on a prayer
I know when I am not a player
My strength whittles by the pulling train
Only You can remove this very strain

How long, how far
Must I crawl before I see Your star?

Help me Lord
Please don't let me rot

Spreading my broken wings
By Your grace, please let me sing!
Then I hear Your whisper soft and sweet
On my knees, that's all I need

Oh! My soul cries out Holy Holy Holy!
Truly, nothing can compare to Your glory
My wonderful Saviour, most beautiful Groom
Who lifts me up from my worldly gloom

During my trials I bled from open gash
But who can compare to Your blood and flesh?
Suddenly my heart knows
It was necessary for my growth.

Begone depression!
For you add zero value like suppression
Tested I am, but His spirit guides
And I know I am His beautiful bride.

- The End -

Yes, I was depressed this morning but after penning this for 2 hours, I am better now. Hope this helps others who are depressed too. Cheers!

Belacan says... "back to work! muahahahar!"


Dee said...

I've been having ongoing depression. Yes, prayer does help, although I almost lost faith in it once. I'm trying to pray again. Loved your poem/prayer.

james said...

A Psalm of Belacan?

twinsmom said...

copy this stick in front of the computer screen. anyway, what the SAHM depress for?

Lucia Lai said...

very good poem. i like the rhyming.

ya, if it is not being too kaypo, why were you depressed? work or family or personal?

Gene Lim said...

Take it easy Mr.B.
I know at times we are always challenged by HIm.. but He never leave us, always guide us all the way.

Hang in there!

mumsgather said...

Glad to here that you feel better now after penning this. Writing it out does help doesn't it?

Ah Pek said...

your one really call poem. my one can only call nursery rhymn.

Belacan said...

Dee, one of my ex-boss told me this. No one can make you feel depressed/hurt/whatever, unless you allow him to do so. Actually, that was taken off Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt. Take care ya?

James: actually, i was thinking of that! bwahahaha!

twinsmom: harlo! long time no see!

lucia: thanks. don't you know that the haze season is a good time to get depressed? hehehe. btw, work lor ;)

genelim: amen! ;)

MG: ya, very much. i wonder what will happen if i poem about sex? hehehe

AhPek: fuiyouh! sifu, mine nothing compared to yours lar!