Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Belacans in Ah-Beng speak

Many thanks to our techno-savvy-and-funny KennySia. He has developed the first English-AbBeng speak translator! Very the farny one, go try lar. Here are lines from my underwear post in AhBeng speak, bwahahahaha!

Just last month, Limpeh threw away 2 old Byford briefs as the elasticity has gone cuckoo after so liddat many cycles of washing machine and dryer. And last night, Limpeh went over my lan jiao neatly stacked briefs and found that many of those ah gua has small lubangs already! boohoohoo... the lubangs will only get bigger with each wash and drying.

Sigh... that also means that Limpeh have to go brief kai kai to replace my lan jiao old stock. Shall Limpeh get a boxer? Sort of like letting my lan jiao balls and blue lan jiao hanging loose (can't kong little lan jiao, tua liap lan jiao or coconuts coz oredi trademarked to Jeff Ooi and Kueh NiSia, kekeke)

Or shall Limpeh go buy sports bikini briefs again? You know lar, many of the opik slacks at Zara are quite low cut these days. Limpeh can't have my lan jiao brief peaking out of the trousers, right? Limpeh have always been comfortable in bikini briefs, those pukima are classic, sexy, confortable and best of all, those pukima donch slip! Don't you hate it when you have to pull up your brief ebelitime after sitting down or running? so liddat very the the marfarn one

Or shall Limpeh be naughty and buy one or two thongs? Just for the experience lar. Who knows? Limpeh might just enjoy the feel of less fabric covering my lan jiao tua liap sexy butt. bwahahahaha!

But for my lan jiao dressing style, Limpeh think Limpeh definitely need to wear briefs. And NABEH, YOU KNOW why? Aha! Now Limpeh share this little secret. Limpeh need to wear briefs because I.......... (zheng zheng zhengggg)..... tuck in my lan jiao dress shirts into my lan jiao briefs to hold the shirt well! Yes, that's my lan jiao little secret. It was something taught to us at the military college, to hold our uniforms in place and that habit has been with limpeh since.

As this is a mega sale season, Limpeh think Limpeh will go buy my kacheng a dozen briefs, a mixture of boxer and bikini briefs. And that thong? ehhh, see first lar.

Btw, go click on MackZul in Beng-lish. bwahahahahaha!

Belacans says..."lan jio! si beh hor chio!"

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Big BoK said...

Hey.. Mr B,
I haven't tried the translator yet. I prolly should.. and get some good laughs.. ;)