Thursday, July 21, 2005

Random communications of a stressful day

Gosh... this is my 2nd post of the day. Must be a record of sorts for belacans ;)

- email between Belacans and MrsB -

Belacans: dear, i called for a meeting today at 7.30pm, so won't be back for dinner but hopefully can finish everything by 9.30pm. love. [send]

MrsB: [reply] BooooHooooo! home alone again! [send]

Belacans: [don't know how to reply!!!]
- conversation with colleague -

Belacans: The ED is on MC today.

Colleague: Ya lah, you lar! Pass the flu and cough to everyone!

Belacans: err...
- conversation with reception desk -

Receptionist: Mr B, where did you park your car today?

Belacans: oh, I park at that bayar punya parking area

Receptionist: oh, kenapa? you normally park at that designated spot

Belacans: I thought today big bosses coming so I kasi chan their cars park there lar

Receptionist: oh i see. everyone was asking me whether you kat office because no one saw your car

Belacans: errr.....
- talking to my mum over the phone -

Belacans: The President and the Director of [MNC] wants to see me

Mum: Good. And for goodness sakes, please crop your hair [mom laughing]. You don't look good with long hair.

Belacans: errr...

Belacans says... "I need a holiday... *sobz*"


Mama22Beas said...

A holiday?...emmm, thought you just had one, right?

Twinsmom said...

I thought you just came back from holiday?
Well, go east coast with Mrs. B again, eat the small pack nasi dagang :P.

thquah said...

A holiday again, why not if you can afford the time and money.We are planning for our family holidays coming Nov/Dec.

Che-Cheh said...

I like your conversation with reception desk!!!

Chief said...

you just came back from one isn't it ?
get back to work !!
don't make everyone jealous

Big BoK said...

Hehehe!! wait till you hear my random conversation.. you can pengshan.. hahah!!

Gene Lim said...

heheh boy mr b, how we wish we can have holiday everyday and at the same getting the money too.
that's life ler i guess! Take it easy.

Mrs B: i know how u felt when hubby called saying coming back late. Kit did that sometimes and i didn't like either esp i have waited whole day already and cooked dinner as well.

I guess we have to accept it and try to enjoy ourselves whevever can.

Belacan said...

mama22beas, twinsmom and thquah:
ahem, dun jeles. one more vakasi (malay for vacation?) already planned, muahahahhar!

che-cheh: haha! too bad she's resigning. a good looker too *ahem ahem*

chief: nyak ak ak! ;)

BBok: quick post them! ;)

genelim: ya lor. i try not to be out so late and so often, but sometimes cannot avoid. i would rather play with baby and suzanne. ;)

mumsgather said...

allo, allo, MrB must work hard then only got money for holiday mah.

Papi said...

haha...now u know the staff checks out ur car. If ur car there, they come in to office. If no car there, they go breakfast...hehehe...