Thursday, July 14, 2005

At the MNG sale

Last weekend, the Belacan family had our first shoping complex jalan-jalan after Suzanne recovered from measles. We were at Mid-Valley Megamall's ground floor when....

Mrs B: De de, you go with the kids to Zara. I want to go into MNG for a while.

Belacans: Don't want lar. We go together into MNG.

Mrs B: No lar, very crowded one.

Belacans: Can lar, how crowded can it be?

Mrs B: Aha! you just want to see the girls, right?

Belacans: eh, no lar. got to look after baby and Suzanne, how to cuci-mata? I just want us to go to Zara together. *sweat sweat*

Mrs B: ok lar *let you escape this time*

Belacans: wahlaueh! so many people!

Mrs B: see? I told you so.

Belacans: Nevermind, I take baby and Suzanne to the back. You go shop lar. I pun mau duduk for a while.

So there I was, at the back of MNG where the sofas were, seated with the rest of the "lonely" guys and Indonesian maids with their young charges. I managed to squeeze the baby pram, Suzanne and myself into a tiny area and waited for Mrs B to finish her shopping.

And now to answer that burning question in everyone's mind, did Belacan cuci-mata at MNG that day?

No. Really. Honest.

I was seated facing a wall shelve with handbags, so no "good views". I had to keep Suzanne entertained while waiting for Mrs B to finish shopping. So mana ada masa to cuci-mata?


Belacan says... "Why? Don't believe me ar?"


thquah said...

I believe you did not cuci mata but mata cuci.Hahaha.Is there a difference?

S-Kay said...

I NEVER EVER wanna step into MNG during their SALES. Really crazy crowded until kenot breathe. The other time I went in, masuk less than 2 minutes adi cannot tahan. Eh eh..you wanna know where got loads of cun chiq??? KLCC...lately got alot...*grins*

cyber-red said...


but yea MNG sale a bit the gila wan.

viewtru said...

I don't like going inside MNG. There is always this rush rush atmosphere inside. And they don't sell the clothes I can wear.

momof2 said...

yeah... really like mad house! so, did mrs.b come back with any goodies?

matakecil said...

*sayanglah* hehe :)

Gene Lim said...

ini ada betul kah?
lu tarak cuci mata at all meh? hehehehehe
not even one second??

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..!! MrB.. so good.. !!


zbjernak said...

actually why MNG ah?
why girls like MNG...no understand...
normally their baju wont even carry the word "MNG" in front/back/side.... then some more so expensive...

the thing there also so normal...
round neck t-shirt, square low cut shirt, skirt... no understand....

really no understand...

Simon said...

eh, next time ask mrs. B to go shopping at Blush! la!

CrazyGrr| said...

sure boh? tak cuci mata..

haha!! simon is rite. ask mrs. B to shop at Blush! kihkihkih!!

Belacan said...

thquah: thank you for believing me ;)

skay: klcc? expensive place ler, but for the view..... ;)

reta: eh? i thot you kaki MNG wan ;)

viewtru: eh, hotbabe dun go there wan meh? hehe ;)

momof2: oh yes, definitely. Mrs B bouf=ght a small leather handbag

matakecil: my sentiments exactly! muahahahar!

genelim: true leh, tarak chance wor. hehehe ;) ;)

MrsT: yes yes, me good boy. woof! woof!

zbjernak: my klang kaki, what can i say? you got much to learn, my young padawan ;)

simon & crazygrrl: oh ya hor! muahahahar! tq tq ;)

mumsgather said...

Well I went to Mid Valley and I saw this guy talking on the handphone while he was with his girlfriend trying very hard to "look without looking" this hot chick in low cut dress and high high heels who was walking pass them. He certainly needs some lessons from Mr Buaya.Hahaha.