Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To Astro or Not to Astro?

Yes, that is the question.

The Belacan household managed to be Astro-less all this while, so why now the question? Well, blame it on my many hotel stays for work and the latest was our Awana Kijal trip. The biggest baby in the house, that's me (ahem), just lurrrvvveeesss National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. For the Astro buffs, that's the Learning Mini-Package.

If I do take up Astro, I think I will also subscribe for the News Mini-Package comprising of CNN, CNBC Asia, Astro News and BBC World. I like CNBC Asia and BBC World.

I would have been satisfied with the channels above but since the package price list for monthly subscription of RM49.95 requires me to take up 3 mini packages, I am at the crossroads attempting to select the last mini package. I am torn between the Fun Mini-Package, which is mainly cartoons, and the Sports Mini-Package.

At present, I am likely to select the Sports package rather than the Fun package because I am afraid that my girls, especially Suzanne, would be glued to the cartoons too much. The Belacan household does not intend to employ Astro as the in-house babysitter, you know what I mean? Although it would have been very easy for us parents to do so, especially when we are busy with the various house chores, hehehe. ;)

Up to 31st July, Astro is offering new subscibers RM199 for the decoder plus free installation (of up to RM100). Tempting.... very tempting....

So, should the Belacan household subscribe with Astro? All comments are welcomed.

Belacan says... "Opus opus and Jazzy jazz jazz, yeah baby!"


eyeris said...

There are two Astro channels I absolutely cannot live without - ESPN Star Sports, and Cartoon Network.

The rest can go to TV hell. :)

mamat said...

What to do now?

Subscribe and learn.

Maybe in the next election, you could elect new 'people-friendly' representative that will ensure better programmes on terresterial TVs and we could shove Astro down AK and MM's mouth in future.


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Right about not wanting Suzanne to glue to the TV. Especially that horrible, horrible Cartoon Network. Whenever my kids tune to that channel 62, I will threaten, want me to smash the TV? (sorry Eyeris, we are talking about 8 yrs old here)

And then hor, Mr B, you seem to choose all channels for your own viewing. Not fair leh. Mrs B leh?

suanie said...

astro is evil :P

But the Learning package is pretty good.

So get it.

Kids like cartoons too but got to limit their time in front of the telly.

fishtail said...

My Astro subscription just died yesterday, and I'm on two minds as to whether to continue or not. Maybe I'll just watch Channel 8 for a while (Malaysian Idols) and have a good laugh.

Inevitable said...

You should get yourself Discovery. They got this show on tribe in Africa. You know ... legal porn ... muahaha.
Nah, j/k ...

Jason said...

Where's AXN 15 - Home of endless CSI, Fear Factor. Hmm, honestly, my family members has been spending more time together, having meals, studying, practicisng piano since my dad cancel Astro's Wah Lui Toi package.

Hmm, even if you subscribe Fun Packages for your little ones, you can still pin lock them. You need to key in a 4 digit numbers before unlocking the channel. This can control your little ones watching 2 much cartoons. ;)

Kaki Cucuk Langit said...

i'm an astro-less man! who needs astro when free tv can accomodate to my needs?

plus, what will happened to my dvd collection if i have channel 40, 41 and 42? let alone channel 10, 11, and 17?

but u know what? tv-less is actually good for the children. i think there's a debate about this somewhere.

Lucia Lai said...

i am astroless too! where got time to watch astro when even got no time to watch tv. my time are spent glue to the computer and internet!

belacan, you seems to have the same taste as me. if i do have astro (which i won't anyway) i will also choose the leaning package, news package and sports package... so i suggest you go for it, but replace fun mini package with sports lah. little suezanne need to have some entertainment too. you and mrs b are responsible parents so i'm sure both of you know how to control suzanne's viewing time... or as jason suggest, can pin lock it.

RaY7 said...

No Astro = more time

Gene Lim said...

Astro is good...as in which package to get. Ur selection is perfect. As for the cartoon part.. well, i am sure u can control ur princess and limit her time.
SOmetimes is good for her too.. but not too much ;)

Belacan said...

eyeris: hahaha! you really live up to your ultra sports persona. ;)

Mamat: can or not? i have enuf of Mahligai Gading oredi ler. hahaha!

Lilian: and some of them cartoons seem a bit too, err... violent? maybe it's just me. and Mrs B? well, she loves the Discovery and NG channels too. the rest are just to make up the numbers ;)

Suanie: control TV time for kids? easy to say ler, difficult to implement. not so nice having to deal with a sulking kid! hahahaha!

fishtail: eeyeeer, i can't get 8TV in my area ler :(

inevitable: -_-"

Jason: oo, got pin control ke? hmmm, maybe can get that cartoon channel for Suzanne (and me! the biggest kiddo at home! muahahahar!)

KCL: i have to agree about TV-less being better for the kids. but at the same time, i want to expose my kids to the wonders of science, nature and animals. the learning package is my main target. the rest? tak ada pun tak apa, hehehe ;)

lucia: hahaha! never say never! coz i was in that club - see what happen now? will consider replacing sports with Fun, thanks :)

ray7: you a victim too? hehehe

genelim: thanks. honestly, can control the big kiddo here or not? that is the question. *cough cough* ;)

S-Kay said...

Easy weezy. Subsribe for Fun channel also but LOCK THE CHANNEL when you don't want them watching. That's what my mom does at home. My youngest sister (who is already 12 this year) is glued to the tv and she's even watching re-runs. Gosh. Astro is EVIL!!!!

viewtru said...

Belacan. I heard that the Berjaya group is starting something to rival Astro. Should be out this year. Cannot remember the scheme though. Time there is some competition. Hey, I thought you were going to post about good places to eat in KT? What happened, oi?

Wingz said...

NOOO!!! wait for FINETV !!!! :)

Gene Lim said...

alamak, mrB that is the tough question lor..hehehe
that one i have to ask MRS B lor..see whether she has any tricks or not..kekek ;)

Mrs B said...

Actually I prefer that we do not have a tv at home at all, which was almost the case for 3 years or so, when we had B's mom's 14 inch telly that 's located about 20 feet from the nearest sofa! And Lilian, you are right, I wasnt exactly consulted on the choices. ;)

Belacan said...

skay: actually, cartoons are evil! hahaha

viewtru: coming soon! haven't sorted out the digiphotos yet lar ;)

wingz: berjaya's TV offering? delayed so long already ler.

genelim: :)

MrsB: errr... errr... errr.. '-_-

Papi said...

yalar, if u go for cartoon network, ur children will be controlling the TV ler.

don't go for WahLaiToi if u r not into HK drama. The basic package is good enuf alredy.

I thnk it's not really a bad thing, as long as there is control over it. There are really some good programmes on Astro, especailly Discovery, NG, the Travel and Living (Ch 11).

dobbs said...

Hey the Fun package is more than just the Cartoon network ok? There are great educational shows for the younger kids on Nick Jnr and Playhouse Disney that I'm sure your girls will love. Just lock the Cartoon Network channel lah! We have Sports, News and Fun only and together with the free channels that's more than enough for us.

dobbs said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the excellent Sesame Street shown every evening on the Hallmark channel. :)

Lao Chen said...

I would not recomend the cartoons, Cartoon Network in particular. They are usually shit. Attention grabbing, crass, counter productive, mentally unstimulating... the usual list goes on.