Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Suzanne, the Romeo magnet

Time: Last night
Place: At our favourite 24 hour clinic located somewhere in Andreas' home turf...

All the ladies in the Belacan family are down with something. Suzanne is recovering from measles, baby SueAnne is irritated with phlegm and Mrs B has a recurrent sinus attack due to sleepless nights. Me? I will take a rain cheque because there's no one around to manja me, hehehe!

Anyway, today's post is about Suzanne, my 5 year old girl. At the clinic, there was another family with a 4-5 year old boy who is about 4 inches shorter than Suzanne. As usual, Suzanne will head for the kids slide whenever we visit that clinic. Seeing Suzanne, the boy, whom we shall now call as Romeo, for the sake of identification (sic!), went to the slide too. And they played together under the watchful eyes of both families.

I noticed that the boy, Romeo, was forever trying to get Suzanne into a conversation but my girl kept quiet the whole time. She just focused on climbing the steps and sliding down. Romeo never gave up. He would follow Suzanne up the steps and then slide down too.

After a while, I think Suzanne got bored and came back for manja-ing from her Belacan daddy. Romeo followed her and said, rather gruffly with gesturing hands, "Come!". Suzanne just stared at him blankly. "Come!", said Romeo again with a slightly louder voice. At that point, Romeo's mother called him back and reprimanded him for disturbing Suzanne.

Shortly, we took our medication and left. Seeing Suzanne leaving, Romeo quickly ran out of the clinic and followed Suzanne! I can hear his mom shouting to him to go back! hahahaha! About 12 feet away from the clinic's door, I asked Suzanne to wave Romeo goodbye but she didn't want to. Just then Romeo stopped in his tracks and looked at me. Mischievously, I gave him the Stare-of-Death for 1 second. Our young Romeo immediately ran back into the clinic, muahahahahar!

Since I am a subject-matter-expert, I am thinking of writing a book, "How to Manage Buayas for Pre-teen Girls". Should be a best-seller among parents with girls, eh?

Belacan says... "Chapter 1: Buayas like to be lovingly whipped! Muahahahahar!"


cyber-red said...

cute girl lah..

can imagine all potential dates have to be stopped, scanned, questioned before going out with Suzanne.

btw, it's better to conceal her identity.. just to be on the safe side. who knows there might be crazy psychotic stalkers out there you know what I mean?

MrsT said...

Wow..!! so early got trouble already.. ah..?? heheh!!

james said...

wah! starting early, eh? :)

visithra said...

Now you'll have to spot check the kindergarden for potential BFs hehehe though that stare would help ;p

hyelbaine said...

Like father like daughter. I have found you yet again or great master jedi ;)

Cheers!!! :D

Metria said...

Good that she so tarik harga ;)

Inevitable said...

Dude, you can't protect her all her life and when you are weak and old ... muahahar ... Suzanne, here I come .... even though I am 20 years older than her ... keke

Bustaman said...

Teach her to say no.

viewtru said...

Stare -of-Death? Muahahahahah!!!!

Gene Lim said...

hahahahah man u r good..stare-of death? hahahahha geeze tummy ache here la..
I wonder eh..man as usual their nature buaya skills ..u know.. i wonder when they grew up..had family and they have their own daughter..i mean like u.. are u scared when ur daughter grow up like when she is teenager and started to date that time. are u going be very protective? I asked Kit that question, he said hell yeah!! will drive her everywhere she goes. hahaha..n he told me..lucky Ryan is a boy..and i asked him what if Ryan after someone's daughter? How would u feel? Kit said..ohh that is okie..
Walaueh! just not fair!
Buaya is always buaya huh? i guess..

atiza said...

can i have a signed book by you?

Andreas said...

Do see you tonite at the birthday bash??? My area? My area of influence is Malaysia - uuuhahhahaha

sungaitani said...

Nice one, Belacan. But guys, ain't u forgettng something? Without the buayas, where got the next generation?

dizzyguy73 said...

woah sayyyy! When she grown up, sure all her bf will run like romeo seing her daddy Stare-of-Death. Or may be her daddy will like instead... muuahh hahaha

Nina said...

(SMILE) That is the way to teach her . . . my daughter is 23 years old and married, so I no longer have to worry. But you will have fun ahead I tell you, a lot of fun.

You will need to worry when Suzanne is interested in Romeo, till then keep practicing that Stare-of-Death.

La Bona said...

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zbjernak said...

wah wah wah
your suzanne so "expensive" yah?

not good lah... dont put the price too high u know... hehehehehe

Shan said...

HAHAHAHAHA - fantastic. Good to know that she sounds already "well trained" by her daddy to watch out for those cheeky boys - BTW were you one of those boys when you were growing up? :)

Belacan said...

cyber-red: thanks! and noted. cheers :)

mrsT: more like buaya's start at a younger age than expected, LOL!

james: yeah, headache starting soon! hahaha

visithra: eh, you scaring me leh, hahahaha!

baine: bro! ;) ;)

metria: haha, me thinks so too. tarik harga so more attractive! hahaha!

inevitable: when i'm old and frail? dream on ler ;)

Pok Ku: thanks. MrsB already taught her to say No liao. :)

Belacan said...

viewtru: hmmm, did you kena a stare-of-death before? probably from hotbabe's daddy? muahahahar!

genelim: watch your son. they are starting earlier and earlier! hahaha!

atiza: boleh ;)

andreas: still not sure whether can make it to the PPS bash :(

uncle teh: hahaha! the true buaya has spoken ;)

dizzyguy: all future suitors of my girls have to take a TV Smith quiz. ahaiks!

nanina: hahaha! noted, will practice my stare-of-death more often, most probably with the bathroom mirror. LOL!

la bona: woo, that's a long one. will visit your blog next. cheers!

zbjernak: not high ler, priced appropriately. only some people cannot afford, muahahahar! *evil daddy*

shan: at that age, i was more interested in paper planes and swings!

Papi said...

Buaya Senior lwn Buaya Boy. LOL!

quick, quick write the book, i want, i want..

Twinsmom said...

ai yoh...poor boy...but Suzanne just did what a lady should do, good...don't think girls so easy talk to guy OK...