Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Portable HDD for Belacan pics

Since getting my Canon IXUS 40 in January 2005, I have been looking around for that extra capacity to store digital pics and short recordings. I have a miserable 256Mb SD card which came with the camera that will give me about 250 digipics in 4.0MP setting or about 3 minutes of digital video recording.

At present, I can download the digipics into a notebook or a computer, but when I am on vacation, do you expect me to bring my notebook?

(Mrs. B: huh! what is he talking about? has he forgotten that he took his notebook and work to Awana Kijal before we got married? and that was for a 2 night holiday with friends summore. *grumble grumble*. wait, you haven't heard the best yet. *clears throat* this hubby of mine... took his notebook all the way to Langkawi... during our honeymoon! can anyone beat that? arrghhh!)

I have always said that work is work, but play is play.

(Mrs.B: *laughing hysterically*)

After getting some pointers from our gadgetman Dr.Liew (meaning go Low Yat Plaza), I finally swipped my card for this cute little aluminium thingy, the Mio Pocket ME-940AO.

MIO Pocket USB 2.0 OTG (ME-940AO)
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YES! I can finally download all my digipics into this Mio pocket. It is really portable, comes with a soft PVC belt case/carrier and is powered by 4AA batteries. But this is just an external HDD casing. For it's brain, I paired it with a Toshiba 40Gb harddrive. The cost? RM150 for Mio and RM257 for the Toshiba hdd.

Can you imagine Belacan wearing a belt with the Mio case, Canon case and a Palm case hanging on it? Wahlaueh! I hope I won't do a "foo lat"!

Belacan says.. "Smile, you are on Cincaluk Camera!" - ala candid camera, anyone remembered that show?

foo lat = cantonese literal for "dropped pants" meaning total embarassment


S-Kay said...

I saw that tooooooo...and I wanted to buy it but Naz said "what for..ablablablablablabla" ish...coz heck, if go holiday usually take alot of pics mah, 256mb of space mana cukup.....some ppl just don;t understand...ahahha

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

I want, I want. But errmmm my camera is still in the shop 'cos the repair cost is RM440! The local agent here is negotiating for free as my camera is less than 6 mths old. *sigh* Wonder what my toddler had done with it to cause so much damage.

dizzyguy73 said...

woahh, looks like u gonna pay more attention to tat new MIO girl eh? Poor Mrs.B :D

Anonymous said...

nice case, belacan!!

ShaolinTiger said...

But dude, you can't plug the camera straight into the hdd? how you gonna get the pics across?

You need to connect the thing to a PC via USB to copy the files across..

Unless this thing is super smart and I'm missing something..

SiaoChaBoa said...

Ahhh.. pretty cool.. MrB.. :)
Unfortunately for us.. we have a compaq flash 128mb .. holds about 120 pics.. :) and another 256mb card too.. but we have never needed it.

babe_kl said...

so leceh cos still need a notebook. maybe u might wanna check out portable CD burners dat hv built-in slots for camera memory cards and it don't need to be attached to a computer to work

S-Kay said...

Eh...betul jugak...Shaolin Tiger is right. Even a pen drive needs a PC.

Don't tell me you're gonna pinjam the hotel manager's PC? =P

mumsgather said...

How many pics/videos it can hold? We burn ours into CDs and every now and then I have to nag nag nag at Mr MG to do a back up cos we hardly have any hard copies of the children's pics from birth until now. I'm sooooo worried they will be lost in a single swoop like hdd mati and I'm also worried that CDs will become obsolete many years down the road. How to view the pics then?

Belacan said...

skay: hehe, now you can go buy. saya sokong you ;)

Lilian: wahlaueh! hope you get at least 50% discount on that repair cost

dizzyguy73: eh? mana boleh? you want me to harakiri izzit? ;)

anon: thanks

ST, babe_kl and skay: sorry, sorry. my bad. it comes with USB cables to plug into the digicam. power sourced from 4AA batteries, so you don't need a notebook.

MrsT: ya, normally we don't need such a huge storage space. it's more like when i am on vacation or away from my computer

MG: it's exactly like another HDD, just external only. if you want to view, it needs to be USB link to a PC. If Win XP, the PC will auto detect this external HDD. I back-up my digipics into CD-Rom too.

S-Kay said...

But then how to transfer the pic from cam to the HDD? Kasi cucuk wire masuk USB only then? They auto transfer?

Benoit Lapierre said...

hi from canada
your blog is very interesting.
please tell me more

the kimster said...

very nice. For RM400, not bad. Does it come with leather casing ka, apa ka?

Mana mau beli? I already have one (40GB) but need another one dedicated for photos :)

Belacan said...

Skay: yup, plug-n-play, just like... err, nevermind.. ;)

benoit: spa'sibo.. oops! that's russian for TQ ;)

kimster: i have checked around Low Yat, the Mio is the only external HDD that doesn't need a PC, and allows direct digicam download to ext HDD. Bought it at ALl IT Hypermarket, 4th floor, Low Yat Plaza. can't miss it. :)

dobbs said...

Cool purchase! Come and join us in the all new KVPUG - everyone's a Newbie again.