Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Emotional words

Words are powerful. They come attached with lots of emotional feelings and connotations.

Lets just say someone shouted in your face "FUCK you!". What would your feelings be? Anger? Frightened? Funny? Furious? Fuck-you-too?

Lets just say someone made you really really angry. How would you describe it? He stabbed me in the back? He fucked me up? He pissed me off? He stepped on my toes?

I just realised that how you described it would likely lead to how you feel and respond to the whole situation. Describe it painfully and you may end up grabbing that asshole by his collar and kicking his balls out, or slash his car tyres and add a few long scratches on the paint work... violent eh?

Right now, I will exert some self-control and say things are just irritating me.

Belacan says.... "watch out for my cilipadis" ;)


ShaolinTiger said...

Words are powerful, they are also subtle..

It depends who says it, how they say it the tone of their voice and their body language.

As with having quick wit is a double edged sword, as equally as laughter can be created so can pain.

The pen is mightier than the sword :)

MunKit said...

i have problems controlling my emotions.. can be used as a weapon against me :)

Kamigoroshi said...

Before my ex and I became a couple, whenever we had disagreements, she always used to say "fuck you" to my face with a weird look.

It wasn't until later I realise she meant every word.


So the moral here is don't say it unless you mean it. I don't think I would EVER say "fuck you" to a guy, cause I mean every word of it...:)

mrstweety said...

Saba .. saba.. MrB.

CherryChocolateCandy said...

Keep in it...swallow it...don't show him that you are angry and upset over what he said.
The less you retaliate, the less he will continue mocking you. Instead, he'll be at awe how calm and patient you are.
And most important, pray. Pray for patience. God will give it to you.

hazel said...

wah, if i'm in ur situation, nak tak nak, my face would turn red. i'm not into replying back in harsh words, so, i guess, the most thing i'd do is cry.

minishorts said...

earning a living via words. teaching kids with language. you hold the future with your mind, and how that converts onto paper or any other media, depends highly on the kind of self-respect that you ought to carry for yourself. and obviously we don't want our first-born's first words to be 'assshooo' like that kid in 'Meet The Fockers'.

i love my job. tremendously. that said, in the midst of all these scouting around, I suspect that the word 'fuck' will probably become a very normal word, just like how the word 'despair' has been toned down to the normal word as opposed to its status in the times of Shakespeare and before.

shidah said...

huyo....sabar brader, sabar....

Twinsmom said...

I can hold myself on bad words, but I can't hold myself on action, feel like throw dirty nappy to SIL sometime :P, but again I still can hold it.
patience you must Mr.B ;).

Yuen Li said...

Wow, that's good self-control. :)

Cherrychocolatecandy: Good sentiments, but a little bit naive, sorry. As you go out in the world, I think you'll discover that there are bastards out there who will mistake your passivity for fear and just up their aggression. With such cases, firmness (standing up for yourself) can be better. In short, in my opinion, one should tailor one's responses to the situation and the parties involved.

Saffron said...

Figured people tend to have to fight battles with their temper and impulses almost everyday. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Just hope the situation's salvageable ler.

You'll deal with it the way you see fit. After all, an experienced buaya ma. :)

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

All I can say is cilipadi is a good choice, disguised as strawberries, mebbe? Sabar, sabar.

Lucia Lai said...

cilipadi? yeah i had been nicknamed that before! of course you know why... i'm short and small but you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. ;)

well when someone really made me angry, i like to curse "idiot bloody fool!" (silently, not to his/her face!).

Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

Now that Hustler has retired and moved to Amsterdam (and u know which district he moved to lah), u are the next to tow the line. What is your comment on this?

Sirip Yu said...

when i'm angry but i just couldnt say that word out of me, i will start blushing all over my face. aiyaaa..!!! for me, tak begitu molek nak sebut perkataan tuh, terlalu kasar :D sabar bebyk k

Belacan said...

ST: how true.

Munkit: as long as you can control your horny-ness, you should be ok ;)

kamigoroshi: hahahaha! *grinz*

MrsT: tengah minum teh sabah..

Cherry: hmmm, depends on situation lar. the key word should be "do the right thing" :)

hazel: cry? wah, that's a woman's secret weapon! i cannot tahan that one, sure kena surrender wan ;)

Belacan said...

Minishorts: yeah, i just hope the kids don't use fuck as a normal greeting like how "tiu" has evolutionised to ;)

shidah: tengah dengar muzik mozart... ;)

twinsmom: i believe that our negative feelings tell us that something is not right. It's up to us to seek a solution, or to re-focus somewhere. suppressing negative feelings may blow-up in future with worse consequences.

YuenLi: wah, well said! ;)

Saffron: thanks ;)

Lilian: yah, and coated with chocolate summore! muahahahar! *evil*

Lucia: wah, so polite wan ar? ;)

Belacan said...

Roadie: Hustler and I belong to a secret bloggers cult called The Return... ;)

Yu: ya ke? hehe, pls allow Belacan to intro you to "kodok" and "bangau". ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess I was brought up pretty well. Even saying the word "bastard" from a text gets me all uncomfortable and the meanest word I've ever said about a person is "She's such a bitch or he's a bloody bastard" and that only happens when they test my patience till maximum adi

Mr BF too is like me...but he still uses a wee bit of vulgarity around his friends but never in front of me. What to do..with friends, words you use can sometimes describe macho-ness =P