Saturday, September 10, 2011

3 Princesses and a Prince in waiting...

How time flies. Never in our wildest dream that Mrs.B and I thought or planned to have 3 kiddos when we got married.

Suzanne is growing up very quickly. At 11, I'm surprised at how responsible she is. She has a heart that feels for others - compassionate and caring. I asked her last month what her ambition is and her reply stumped me a bit. She said she wants to become a pastor, to lead the flock to the Lord. When I was her age, all I wanted to become was someone in uniform with a gun. In 8 more years, we'll have to let her go stretch her own wings.

SueAnne is a darling, full of feminine charms. Shushanna is a determined girl. All 3 of them have very different personalities.

The Little Prince will be arriving this month. I wonder what he will be. But like all fathers, I pray he'll be a better man than his father.

Buaya69 prays, "ah boy, don't come out and play until daddy comes home from Saigon, k? Good lad."

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Bart said...

All the best and happy expecting :)

Buaya69 said...

Thanks bart!