Friday, June 18, 2010

Mrs B and the girls first trip to Saigon

Mrs B and the kids came to visit me in Saigon last week. For once, my "bachelor" pad became a playground for the girls, especially after I purchased an XBox 360, hehehe.

The sad thing was I couldn't take annual leave from Monday to Thursday, and only had Friday and Saturday to take the family out before they flew back on Sunday morning... bad daddy, bad daddy :(

The good thing was they thoroughly enjoyed staying with me in Saigon. Took them to see a family friend living in District 7, the Lotte supermart (coz Mrs B wants to know what foodstuff she can buy there and their prices), Ben Thanh market, Quan An Ngon, Vincom Tower and Parkson Dong Khoi, but the place that Mrs B really liked was Saigon Square. Not exactly super-cheap but there are some good buys if you have the time to move from stall to stall.

I felt especially sad when they flew back on Sunday morning, and I can see that in Mrs B and the kids eyes too. Back at the apartment, the place felt like an "empty nest". It was quite difficult for me in until the next morning. Luckily, I had work to keep my mind occupied.

Mrs B sms'd later that Suzanne cried at night, saying that she missed me. I was touched and sad at the same time.

This weekend is Father's day, but work is keeping me here in Saigon. I soooo very much missed my girls...

Buaya69 says,"I will be home in July, hugs & kisses..."

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Princess Running Water (soon-to-be Queen) said...

Hi there! I used to follow ur blog back when i WAS keeping up with my own blog 5 years ago. I finally resurrected my blog yesterday and am back on my old trail again. I've always been a fan and it's fantastic to learn that u have Shushanaa now! and ur first child is 7 years old. WOW~! How time flies! Have u come back from Saigon yet? Anyways, do drop by my blog sometime soon k. It's at http://princessrunningwater.blogspot.com