Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Almost car crashed

Approaching our home, there's a nice one way double lane S curve road. Most sedan cars can only drive through here at 60 km/h. More than that, you will loose traction and control at the second S curve (unless you are the Snark riding his Desmosedici).

Yesterday evening, as Mrs B was driving along this road with the kids at the back, a souped up Honda Civic overtook her at a very high speed. Either this Ah Beng was unfamiliar with this stretch or his ego and balls just got too big and thinks that his souped up Honda Civic has the traction of a road hugging Lotus Elise.

According to Mrs B, immediately upon overtaking her, the Honda Civic started to loose control and all the other cars can clearly see him "wavering" on the road. She immediately slowed down and moments later, the Ah Beng scrapped his Honda Civic on the side railings before jumping to the other side of the road and stopped there.

Mrs B put on her hazard lights and the other cars took the cue. On passing the Civic, Mrs B could see that the front bumper and bonnet has already crumpled. The radiator's probably leaking by now.

And what did Mrs B said? "Serves you right!". But if I was there, I would have shown the Ah Beng the internationally recognised F U hand signal. Shit, he could have crashed into Mrs B and the kids! KNN CCB LHLK!

Buaya69 says... "I need a tank for my family. How about a Volvo? :P"

P/S - I won't be posting until next week. Need to take care of my mom. Cheers!


frostier said...

=) Snap some photos and post at the panducermat.org.my

Wingz said...

yes volvo is teh cool!!!! promo now leh 190k oni!!! jom test drive la!

shky said...

cmon ....join me as a Volvo owner. Safety was one of the reason I choose Volvo.

Hyphenated L said...

me thinks your girls will be safer/hotter in a hummer!

Buaya69 said...

frostier: hehehe

wingz: Volvo S60, droolz! oi, you got home minister approval meh? :P

shky: actually, the way you drive, you definitely need a Volvo, muahaahahahar! :P

L: Woooo, me thinks Buaya69 is sexier in a hummer, heh!