Friday, May 19, 2006

Balloon twisting

The girls just love balloons. Any kid would, even this big kiddo here, heh!

Everytime we go to a shopping complex, Suzanne will almost always want to have the balloons, especially those that are given away free by the clowns. She will pester us for it and will practically SULK the entire time if she didn't get her balloon. Dang... hence I will have to queue up to get a twisted balloon from the clown. Not that I mind but it makes me sick to see @#$% moms/dads pushing up to the front, cutting the queue of other kids and parents, and getting their balloons first. KNN!

Anyway, after watching how these clowns do it, twisting the balloons looks quite easy and I often wondered whether I can do it. Then I recalled Papi of papimami.blogspot.com writing about twisting balloons. Inspired by papi, I wondered no more as this daddy bought a whole packet of balloons and a hand pump, IIRC, for RM25 from a kiosk at The Curve. Thus far, I have mastered the doggie and the sword. Easy... like eating kacang putih :)



Just to share something naughty - in the process of twisting another version of the sword, I had to make a hole and then poke the other end into the hole. Reminds you of something, right? So I made a smaller hole and when up to Mrs B.

Me: Dear, watch me twist up a sword

Mrs B: You can meh?

Me: Hehe, see this lubang? I am going to push this end into it and...

*push push into lubang but since it's small, the walls touch and then made an irritating sound - screech screech screech*

Mrs B: Eh, so loud one?

Me: Ya, and I like making swords. Kinda reminds me of us when.... hehehe *gives naughty look*

Mrs B: *Suddenly realises what I was getting at* Gasp, you ar! Must you have sex on your mind all the time? *pinch pinch pinch*

Me: ouch ouch ouch!

Belacans says... "Oooo, twisting is da fun! Saves money too, no need to buy balloons at the malls/pasar malams for the girls, heh!"


Jason said...

Wah, you even know how to twist balloons already! *respect*

Naughty Belacans...

cyber-red said...

can't stand those balloons.. eecky noise... gives me bulu roma naik eeeeeee

mama bok said...

Lol..!! Mr B..! Mr B..!!

Gene Lim said...

hahaha...what to do mrs B ..men maa..right mr b? ;)

lucia said...

haha! yalah, belacan very dirty minded. next time i see someone twisting balloons like this trying to push it into a lubang, i will think of what you think. :)

Egghead said...

I thought men are born with a dirty mind... LOL!
blame it on Adam I guess :P

Mama22Beas said...

Eh why yours so expensive one? We bought a set for only less than RM5 from GrocerVillage, Bangsar, inside got everything..maybe less balloons but I would not buy anything more than RM10;).

domesticgoddess said...

wow so terror!!! does it come with instructions on how to twist the baloons?

Buaya69 said...

J-mumbles: very easy one leh, quick, go get a set and impress the future in-laws, heh!

Cyber-red: ah, but those noises are music to my girls ears, hehe (at least I think so lar :P)

mama_bok! mama_bok!

gene_lim: i blame my testo hormones, hehe

lucia: oh no! what have i done! :D

egghead: and the lil'bruder, hehehe

mama22beas: i would like to think that I got a BIGGER package, but then, I got rip lor, ouch! :(

dG: Ada, simple and not so simple designs. There are more instructions from the internet. ;)

Papi said...

wah, I also remember making the same conversation with Mami..hehehehe....

I guess they are right, men have sex in their mind all the time. LOL!

Che-Cheh said...

Hey show us the balloons that you twisted la.

I always thought clowns must have study very hard just to get it correct. Look difficult.