Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The WMF Gang's KL-Penang Connection

Last night, both Mrs B and I had to work late. We only had our dinner at about 9pm at home. A conversation of particular importance was as follows:

Belacans: *munch munch munch - hungry mah*

Mrs B: You know, I just read today that Lilian bought a WMF pressure cooker like ours.

Belacans: *munch munch munch* hmmm, yeah, I read *munch munch mu.... burrrppp!*

Mrs B: Yeah, isn't it great? We can finally share recipes to cook on the WMF. For example, the lamb shank or stew, bahkutteh... wah, there's so many I can learn from Lilian. *smile smile*

Belacans brain:
processing information, processing processing processing.... conclusion?


Belacans: Ah.... good..... *m u n c h m u n c h s l o w l y*

Oh no! The KL-Penang WMF Gang has been established! Actually, I am not nervous about Mrs B learning new recipes. Heck, the way to a man's heart is through the stomach, ok? *yum yum, drooling over Mrs B's lamb dishes..*

So what's all the alert about? Well, it's Lilian. You know, this Lilian and not that Lillian Too, ok? This Lilian is a very experienced lady *ahem ahem*. She has eaten more salt, belacans, cincaluk, budu, lekor, sambak, cili padi than Mrs B and I. Worse, her "KKC" is bigger than mine! So, my apprehension was this:
Apart from WMF recipes, Lilian could be teaching my sweet Mrs B "new tricks" on how to handle a buaya hubby! Omigosh!!! (-_-)""
Belacans... *sweat sweat sweat* but then, got food food food! yum yum :P

p/s to Lilian - just joking only ok? pls don't kantoi me kau-kau? hehehe


Egghead said...

must be hard to choose between delicious food and indirect "kantoi" from lilian :P

Ah Pek said...

why you so scared of an old auntie?

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

*muahahahar* The taming of the buaya. Lesson #101

JoeC said...

aiya, why sweat-sweat la, get out that buku sakti buaya and kasi counter-strike ler. Cheers!

Big BoK said...

Hahahha!! DIE..Mr B..!!!! say lilian like that ah..!! hhahahahhhaa!!

Inevitable said...

since ur mrs.b get advice from lilian, u could get advice from ah pek!!!

Wingz said...

dont werry LAUBEH.INC will back this old buaya up lol!!! we sapot lu !!!

Willwolf said...

That's what LAUBEH INC is for. Support support!! Haha.

domesticgoddess said...

why cold sweat? i thought you are an expert in charming MrsB? ;)