Friday, October 21, 2005

Wise words from Suzanne

Last night at the living room, Suzanne saw my wound on my kneecap. It was bloody red and about two inches in diameter, can't miss it.

"Daddy, why got blood one?"

"daddy fell"

"from car ar?"

"no... motorbike"

"daddy, told you already don't sit motorbike. take car, not motorbike!"

Just then, my wife came down.

"mummy, daddy got blood from motorbike. cannot take motorbike. take car"

"yes... mummy thinks Suzanne is very wise. Don't you think so dear?"

Buaya69... speechless Cry


Egghead said...

wise advice from a six years old I must say!
Stop your BUAYA style of riding on a motorbike!!

Lucia Lai said...

yes indeed suzanne is very wise. she sounds like a priest i know - each time he sees me on bike, he will say dangerous lah, why don't you drive a car instead.

nENn said...

awwww, isn't she just sweet!

Mama BoK said...

Kekekeke!! .. Mr B.. Mr B..!! i won't say anything.. and rub salt into your wound.. hahahhaha!!

dobbs said...

Sorry but I have to agree with Suzanne! ;) Glad to know you were not too badly hurt and do take more care in future.

Gene Lim said...

very very wise! :)

narrowband said...


miche said...

hehe...so pandai...
neway...didn't you tell her that it is more costly to drive than to ride a bike...hehe
if you drive car like buaya also can get blood on the knee cap. :P

maria said...

you lucky Suzanne just said this to you. my friend's son (4 years old) hold on his daddy tight and said: "daddy, you don't f*cking die on me." when he experience a minor car accident.
LOL...you never know what kind of words the little mind have.

Willwolf said...

Aiyo, kena lecture by your dot dot. Kekeke. Why you fell ah? Doing some stunt ah?

mystic said...

heheh...tat's so wise and sweet of suzanne. So considerate!

JoeC said...

The innocent mind is straightforward with honesty...can be brutal but no lies. Cheers!

visithra said...

awww smart kid - now get well soon

zbjernak said...

why jatuh?
alamak....never blog also

jatuh because too long never on bike?
or because accident?
or because eyes on red skirt lady and never see bump?

simon said...

you speeding on bike aa? berhati2 di atas jalanraya!

Buaya69 said...

egghead: if you consider crashing on the street as buaya style! bwahahaha!

lucia: but but, your bike is soooo cuuuttteee :P

nenn: yes she is, that is until she throw tantrums :(

mama_bok: aik? now mama_bok liao ke? hehe, tq tq for not throwing salt and ajinomoto into my wound :D

dobbs: definately. now to save $$$ to repair the bike... sobz sobz T_T

genelim & narrowband: boo hoo hoo :(

miche: cannot tell her lar. she was soooo convicted in her statement. i did no justice in this post. if you heard her, wahlaueh... she should be a lawyer :P

Wingz said...

alo!!! nx time if u dont have knee cap protector go kedai mamak and use coconut shell laaaa .... see now kena luff ledi ... malu kan ??? LOL!

eh brader luka ledi this wednesday knot eat prawn wor .... nvm i help u eat lol

Buaya69 said...

maria: bwahahahaha! so cute and *ahem* how true :P

willwolf: errr... errr...

mystic: ya, definitely not buaya daddy's genes :P

JoeC: how true, and when you kena from them, damn siong wan. :P

Visithra: thanks, muakz

zbjernak: waiseh, you want me to die izzit? blog about accident you think Mrs B will still let me ride another day meh? kekeke, no lar. small accident only but bike kena siong wor, :(

simon: no speeding lar, more like skillz tak cukup :(

Buaya69 said...

wingz: prawn you take lar. i wanna lose weight oso. sake i take. muahahahar!

Greenapple said...

kids' world is simple. we often tell them what to do, but what should not. to me, suzanne is just applying her knowledge about that. she knows that is something dangerous, so she doesn't do that, that should be the same for her father, that's how she sees it ...

but if you keep on doing that, you might just confuse her, and prompted her to think, hey, it's dangerous, but why is papa still doing that?

Chief said...

have to fix training wheels till you get use to riding again !
and don't ride so fast, you not a teenager anymore.