Thursday, October 06, 2005

BlogsMalaysia button

OK, I confess! I have PPS Withdrawal Symptoms a.k.a. PWS! (Note that it's almost similar to PMS...)

What are the signs that you have PWS?
  1. You click on your links and then click on their links to other links... "link surfing"
  2. Your productivity in office increased (oh no!)
  3. You chat more often on MSN, #mybloggers on dalnet and/or YiM
  4. If you are a member, you frequent Dr.Liew's forum more often....
  5. Heck, you even posted on MyMomsBest forum!
And, since I was soooooo free, I created a simple button to link to BlogsMalaysia.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You don't know what is BlogsMalaysia? Go click lar. May just help cure your PWS.

Belacans says... "spammers are KNNCCBMCH people!"


Wuching said...

yes i hv it too! gimme drugs now! plssss!

Egghead said...

I hope the symptoms are not as bad as PMS :P

JoeC said...

iwantiwant, uncle belacan...how to get my posts in there ler...dunno what to do, helphelp.

Ah Pek said...

i also samelah. went and registered with blogsmalaysia this morning. ping 2 times already. hohoho. got my fix today. feeling very terror now.

cyber-red said...

same here.

dunno where else to read now =P

Jacky said...

Haha. You need to see Dr Jacky to cure PWS.