Monday, October 17, 2005


As I was washing the dishes, sounds of "Bee-boo-bee-boo" came from the living room. Ahhh, the girls must be on their Buaya-Killer wheelies.

Suzanne is sitting on her Ferrari yellow made-in-Japan tricycle handed-me-down from a wonderful neighbour of ours. Mrs B and I estimate that this tricyle must be at least 10 years old. Good quality stuff. Baby SueAnne is on her sister's Ferrari red policecar, something el-cheapo that still cost Mrs B and I RM80 at Carrefour 5 years ago. It still has the yellow top cover with handphone, some ling-ling ball and an "adjustable" speedometer. :D

So, who made the "bee-boo-bee-boo"? Mrs B lor. Sometimes I wonder who's margin of utility is higher, Mrs B's or SueAnne's? I am placing my bet that Mrs B enjoyed it more... the way she "bee-boo-bee-boo" so sweetly. I wished I could have recorded that down for the girls keepsakes. Or maybe blackmail Mrs B? Muahahahahar! errr, what to blackmail ar? :P

Saturday potluck that didn't happen

On another note, last weekend we were to have a potluck dinner with another blogger's family, so we had been drumming into Suzanne the whole day to keep her room and toys tidy so that she can bring them out to play with my blogger friend's son. Unfortunately, at the last minute something crop up and my blogger friend couldn't make it. We told Suzanne that they weren't coming. She nodded and kept quiet.

We didn't think much about it until during dinner:

Suzanne: Daddy, why uncle didn't come?

Me: *munch munch* err, dunno. *munch munch*

Suzanne: *pause*... daddy, uncle didn't come because he don't like Suzanne?

Me: *choke choke! Looks at Suzanne* No lar, uncle got things to do. Last minute cannot come lor. They will come another day, ok? *sweat sweat*

Mrs B and I spoke about this later. It's amazing how children blame themselves for things totally not of their doing. The lesson of the day? Be dutiful of how we explain things to the kids.

Belacans message to his blogger friend... "farker! you are buying my Suzanne a door gift the next time you come around, muahahahar!" :P


JoeC said...

err, whats with the sound dude, you've lost me there. Btw, good parental advice on the second bit. *bee-boo-bee-boo* Cheers!

Egghead said...

wah... huge emotional impact huh?
better console her baik baik wor...

dobbs said...

Good to see SueAnn looking so well - cute photo as usual :)
Err...siren sound?

leecs said...

yeah woh...now everything i also need to tell my son properly leh...not really sure he understand or not...BUT BUT when u look at his face you really can not 'bluff' him on anything...

domesticgoddess said...

aww... poor thing...
tell your friend door gift not enough, must include ice-cream treat also heheh!

fooDcrazEE said...

hahaha ! agreed with domesticgoddess....ice cream treat but err.....not too much lar.

Willwolf said...

That's why have to debrief Suzanne when you see something amiss. Great to take notes from you. A must for all parents. Listen and talk to your kids macam Buaya, erm, I mean Belacan. HAHAHA.

Belacan said...

JoeC: wait till you become a parent. you will know what is bee-boo-bee-boo liao, kakaka

egghead: luckily she asked us. lebih teruk if she keep in her heart only. cialat then man.

dobbs: thanks dobbs. yup, siren :P

leecs: maybe you are not a natural born bluffer, and tat's good! :P

dG: ya ya, but more for daddy here :P

foodcrazee: ya hor, nanti cough cough lagi siao :(

willwolf: wahlaueh! no need to gosok my selipar lar, but i dont mind a few beers :D

zbjernak said...

very cute lah..both of them

and do not lie to kids...

sometime adults are ignorant abt the fact that kids are KIDS...

they dont take excuses...once u promise thats it... fulfilled it.

the last thing u want to d is to wreck a kid's heart and break your promises...

so try not to promise too much


maria said...

*sigh* cannot simply sour face, once sour face, they immediately will ask: "mommy, you angry with me ah?" or just simply said: "Mei mei/jie jie, see? mommy angry with me."
Ai yoh... supper sensetive.