Monday, April 04, 2005

Looking for Sepet

Sunday morning, I went with the whole Belacan family to Ikano Power Centre. Just to window shop as we didn't have any particular consumerism need to satisy.

But we did pop into Speedy looking to buy Sepet VCD. Alas, the friendly malay chap saleperson there said, "Sorry boss, Sepet no stock. Next week got lar". We ended up buying Puteri Gunung Ledang VCD instead.

So for now, we will just be satisfied with TV Smith's Sepet 2.


S-Kay said...

how's PGL? I haven't watched it yet. Been wanting to get the VCD but haven't. I thought Sepet was ok only. Nothing wow about it but they made a lot of good points in there. I love Adiba's and Ida Nerina's acting the most in there.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Ok.. belachan.. i cannot comment.. coz' i donch know wat you talking about..heheh!!

sexymama said...

Sepet out in VCD already? So fast? Phew.....! I'm gonna wait till it comes out on tv. Don't want to spend money on love stories. Comedies and cartoons only. Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Surfed in from PPS. From what I've read, I think you could be my doppelganger! HAHAHA

Can reaaally relate to your blog, bro, will be coming back frequently.

I myself went to Speedy at Shah Alam Mall last week, and Sepet was sold out too. H/e, the other VCD shops in the mall had tons of copies, and going for RM3 cheaper than the RRP, too.

H4RRY said...

i don't think PGl is any good. they make the movie using Rm10 million n get back only Rm3million. n Sepet sold out? that just shows something about it. low stock or high demand? i chose the latter

Belacan said...

SKay: belum watch lagi. actually i bought it more like keepsake like my P.Ramlee collection. still looking for Nujum Pak Belalang and Ali Baba. If you see any P.Ramlee VCDs, gimme a yell ;)

mrsT: eh? i think you just commented ;)

sexymama: wah, ini mesti beli ori punya olang ;)

anon: RM3 cheaper? wah, good news for me, the kedekut king.

harry: well, all the reviews did say that Sepet is THE Malaysian movie of the year. hehe, we must sokong kita punya good stuff ;)

S-Kay said...

if you got VCR...you can record it from TV =P They always show is on CHannel 15 I think

Hard to find the VCD...but if I ever come across them I'll tell you Mr.B ;)

fashionasia said...

hi buaya...er belacan.... go n ask yasminthestoryteller.blogspot.com
if she got anymore sepet VCD to spare ;)