Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What are the odds that....

What are the odds that our little prince will have the same birthdate as his mom i.e. 17 September?

The Buaya69 family already have Suzanne and Shushanna having the same birthdate of 15 February.

I think I should start an office pool.... Heh!

Buaya69 says, "Little prince is due anytime and I'm still in Saigon, arrggghhh!!!"

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Monday, September 12, 2011

My mom is 70 years old already

2 September was my mom's 70th birthday. Her grandchildren, Suzanne and SueAnne collaborated to make her a brithday card. And little Shushanna almost destroyed the card. What a drama.

And this is 3 lovely girls. What's going to happen when a little
Buaya comes into the family? I can only guess....

Buaya69 says, "My children, listen to daddy but don't do like daddy, k?"

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

3 Princesses and a Prince in waiting...

How time flies. Never in our wildest dream that Mrs.B and I thought or planned to have 3 kiddos when we got married.

Suzanne is growing up very quickly. At 11, I'm surprised at how responsible she is. She has a heart that feels for others - compassionate and caring. I asked her last month what her ambition is and her reply stumped me a bit. She said she wants to become a pastor, to lead the flock to the Lord. When I was her age, all I wanted to become was someone in uniform with a gun. In 8 more years, we'll have to let her go stretch her own wings.

SueAnne is a darling, full of feminine charms. Shushanna is a determined girl. All 3 of them have very different personalities.

The Little Prince will be arriving this month. I wonder what he will be. But like all fathers, I pray he'll be a better man than his father.

Buaya69 prays, "ah boy, don't come out and play until daddy comes home from Saigon, k? Good lad."

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The girls said...

Suzanne: Daddy, you are too fat. Stomach like Santa Claus already. You need to exercise.

SueAnne: Nooo. Daddy's are supposed to be fat.

Buaya69 says, "Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mrs B and the girls first trip to Saigon

Mrs B and the kids came to visit me in Saigon last week. For once, my "bachelor" pad became a playground for the girls, especially after I purchased an XBox 360, hehehe.

The sad thing was I couldn't take annual leave from Monday to Thursday, and only had Friday and Saturday to take the family out before they flew back on Sunday morning... bad daddy, bad daddy :(

The good thing was they thoroughly enjoyed staying with me in Saigon. Took them to see a family friend living in District 7, the Lotte supermart (coz Mrs B wants to know what foodstuff she can buy there and their prices), Ben Thanh market, Quan An Ngon, Vincom Tower and Parkson Dong Khoi, but the place that Mrs B really liked was Saigon Square. Not exactly super-cheap but there are some good buys if you have the time to move from stall to stall.

I felt especially sad when they flew back on Sunday morning, and I can see that in Mrs B and the kids eyes too. Back at the apartment, the place felt like an "empty nest". It was quite difficult for me in until the next morning. Luckily, I had work to keep my mind occupied.

Mrs B sms'd later that Suzanne cried at night, saying that she missed me. I was touched and sad at the same time.

This weekend is Father's day, but work is keeping me here in Saigon. I soooo very much missed my girls...

Buaya69 says,"I will be home in July, hugs & kisses..."